Chaoshan little Forbidden City: amazing family power behind it

 Chaoshan little Forbidden City: amazing family power behind it

Then there is a place called qianmei village in Chaoshan. In this village, there is the ancestral mansion of Chaoshan first family, and it is also the birthplace of this family. Qianmei village is also an ancient village with a history of more than 600 years. This era has undergone great changes, but the village still retains its original ancient flavor.

In this village, there is a building called Chaoshan little Forbidden City. This building is actually privately built, and its owner is the Chen family, the Chaoshan first family. This family broke the curse of no more than three generations of wealth. It has been rich for six generations. So far, the descendants of this family have made great achievements in various industries.

This mansion was built in the second year of Xuantong of the Qing Dynasty. It has gone through three generations and two centuries from the beginning to the completion. People often mention the last four buildings, namely langzhongdi, shoukangli, shanbedroom and Sanlu. These four buildings alone have 506 rooms, covering an area of 25400 square meters.

Now most people will call this building Chens former residence, because Chen cixue founded Lixing in Bangkok, Thailand in his early years, which is very famous at home and abroad. Later, in the late Qing Dynasty, he returned to his hometown to raise himself. Because of his outstanding contribution to his hometown, the local people called him cixueye, and his family was also known as Chen cikang family, or Chen School family.

But in fact, the first generation of this family is his father. Chens father is Chen Huanrong, the master Buddha. When he was a child, his family was poor and did not read any books. Later, when he was 15 or 6 years old, he went out to work. Later, he bought his own ships and began to operate shipping business, covering Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shantou and Nanyang. He became a very famous red headed ship owner at that time. Later, with the business getting better and better, the Chen family began to carry forward.

Chen Cis former residence was also built when Chen CI school returned to his hometown. It is said that because the mansion is too large and there are few people living in it, the Chen family hired a servant to open the windows every day. When the servant opened all the windows, it was dark and then began to close all the windows.

The building materials of this building are also very exquisite. There are dozens of imported ceramic tile styles, especially now that nearly a hundred years have passed, the patterns and colors are still as bright as new. Moreover, the calligraphy works in this building were all written by famous masters at that time, and were also called a thousand gold in a word.

Now the former residence has been positioned as a cultural relic protection unit and patriotism education base in Guangdong Province. In 2005, it was named school Huifeng of Shantou eight sceneries. The former residence has been opened to the public for exhibition. On the basis of its original appearance, the Museum of Chen cixues family history, hongtouchuan sculpture, Chaoshan Opera Hall, puppet hall, Chaoshan brides room, Chaoshan kungfu tea house, laochaozhou snack bar, Book Gallery, micro sculpture hall, Chaoshan craft and gift hall, ancient kitchen series and other landscapes with Chaoshan folk traditional culture and art features are also added Home dance double bite goose is performed regularly.

As for the inheritance of the powerful family, people always say that the wealth is no more than three generations. Today, the family has been thriving, and each member of the family owns the corresponding shares, and there is no contradiction. The descendants of the family are all elites in the industry, distributed all over the world. The expansion of the family has a lot to do with the strict family system.

The rich merchants in Chaoshan are very famous in China. At the same time, they also have a lot of development overseas. For example, Chen CI made his fortune after doing business in Thailand. Therefore, he has made great contributions to the trade between China and Thailand. In fact, the significance of this mansion is not only the contribution of the Chen family, but also the embodiment of the outstanding business talent of Chaoshan rich merchants in the history of our country.

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What does Chaoshan first family house look like?

A powerful family

This family is known as the Chaoshan first family of the Chen family, after a hundred years of prosperity, so far has passed on more than six generations! In the mid-1990s, the familys total wealth has reached 2 billion US dollars, and it is still a well-known and powerful financial group at home and abroad.

Chen Huanrong, the first generation of the family, was the most famous owner of the red headed ship at that time. He was known as the ship owner Buddha and accumulated the first pot of gold for the family. After that, he established a joint venture with the clansmen in Hong Kong to establish the qiantailong line, and the business began to shift from shipping to trade.

Chen Huanrong was born in qianmei village, Longdu Town, Chenghai District, Shantou


This is the birthplace of Chaoshan first family. Qianmei is neither the oldest nor the most tender among many ancient villages in Chaoshan, but it is one of the most beautiful ancient villages. This is also related to the existence of the Chen family. The beauty of the ancient village integrates China and the west, connecting ancient and modern times. It is elegant and free, with traces of time and memory of time.

Former America is an ancient village with more than 600 years of history. It was built at the end of Yuan Dynasty. In this village, we can feel deeply the profound heritage of history left to this ancient village.

People here are supposed to have grown up in old houses. There must be a variety of growth stories and life memories here.

In the deep lane, the walls are mottled, and the reflection of the old house is reflected in the accumulated water after the rain, as if another parallel world appeared through the time tunnel.


The real heyday of the Chen family started from the second generation of Chen CI school. Chen Huanrong gave the business to Chen CI school due to illness. After that, Chen CI school moved to Thailand and set up Chen school business in Bangkok, specializing in import and export trade. Thus, the business of Chen family began to spread throughout Southeast Asia. The Chen family began to be known as the school family and officially became prominent. In Chaoshan, there is still a saying of rich or poor The old saying of have a good school.

And the familys luxury house is even more outstanding in qianmei village, known as the first overseas Chinese residence in Lingnan, and also known as Chaoshan small forbidden city.

The mansion was built a few years after Chen CI school returned to his hometown. It is now known as the former residence of Chen CI school. In order to commemorate the father of Chen cixue, who had been a doctor, the family built a new one in 10 years.

Build Lang Zhong Di in memory of Chen Fu

PS. in the old days, officials houses were often referred to as so and so place. However, we saw more than one hundred year old houses in qianmei village. Most of these houses were built by the ancestors who made a living overseas (Chaoshan called Guofan) and returned to their hometown to build them. In order to honor their ancestors, they would ask the imperial court for an official position, so they named their houses.

All kinds of existing clans in the village

School house

At the beginning of the 20th century, the former residence of Chen cixue officially began to be built in qianmei village. This project lasted half a century and gathered the painstaking efforts of several generations of the Chen family.

The beauty of school is endless

In 1903, Chen cixue, who was conscious of his advanced age, returned home and entrusted his second son, Chen Limei, with full responsibility for the business. During the first World War, there were opportunities for grain trade. Under the painstaking management of Chen Limei, the capital strength of the school family was strengthened again. I dont know if the construction of the following chuanyetang is related to that one?

The former residence of Chen cixue has a large scale, covering a total area of 25400 square meters and 506 rooms. According to the staff here, there used to be a servant in the Chen family who was responsible for opening and closing windows. Every morning, after opening all the windows, they immediately began to close the windows. When all the windows were closed, it was already dark.

The overall architectural style of the former residence is a combination of Chinese and Western styles. The general layout is a mixture of traditional Chaozhou style houses and Western style western style buildings, and the layout is winding like a labyrinth.

Among them, the most representative is the good room. There are 202 rooms in total. The owner is the young son of Chen CI school. Because of his early death, the good room was basically built by his daughter-in-law. It can be imagined that various stories must have happened at that time.

The school house only has good rooms

Chen Cihongs former residence gathers the essence of Chinese and foreign building materials at that time, and makes foreign things serve China, such as the use of all kinds of foreign ceramic tiles. These tiles have been going on for nearly a hundred years, but the color of patterns is still as bright as new. I also heard that a lady in the house believed in foreign religions at that time, so the tile veneer design of the porch was quite exotic.

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