11 scenic spots Management: UAV shouting, golden warrior Tour

 11 scenic spots Management: UAV shouting, golden warrior Tour

Reporter Xue Bingbing

Cough, dont pick your hair. This flower has thorns. Does it hurt? Big brother, hey, its not like that to turn the whole court, and its even more impossible to drill railings Recently, at the Midou Music Festival in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, urban management personnel used UAVs to shout tourists at high altitude. The humorous management of scenic spots has attracted many netizens praise.

According to the interface news, from October 2 to 3, Midou Music Festival was held in Tianshengqiao scenic area, Lishui, Jiangsu Province. During the festival, the Urban Management Bureau was responsible for maintaining the order on the spot. The young lady was the staff member of the propaganda and education section of Lishui District Urban Management Bureau. They mainly use UAVs to persuade uncivilized behaviors on the scene of the music festival and help tourists for help. The UAV will inspect the whole venue every time it flies, and then the management personnel communicate with tourists through shouting.

Now, the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled, and it coincides with the national day, the Mid Autumn Festival and the eight day holiday. Everyone has started the holiday mode and rushed to the scenic spots all over the country. In addition to the long lost scenery, it is not difficult to find that some scenic spot management methods are also quietly taking place in innovation.

Since the middle of September, in order to effectively manage the scenic area, Xian city wall sent a group of golden warriors to stop the uncivilized phenomenon of tourists in classical Chinese and some ancient etiquette. Relevant videos show that about five scenic area staff members form a parade square array. They are wearing gold armor weighing 30 to 40 Jin. If they encounter smoking, littering, graffiti and dangerous sitting and lying on the wall in the scenic area, the leading martial arts will bow to each other and patiently persuade them.

Since August, Beijing Botanical Garden has introduced a management robot, a black-and-white four-wheel unmanned vehicle, with multiple lidars and ultrasonic radars on its roof and body respectively. Its main function is to automatically identify uncivilized garden activities such as smoking. According to the director of publicity section of Beijing Botanical Garden, the smoking behavior of tourists is measured through smoke sensing lens, and the robot will prompt tourists not to smoke if they have smoking behavior..

In fact, the uncivilized behavior of tourists in scenic spots has become a commonplace problem. In order to play a better role in warning and restraint, many provinces and cities are increasing the efforts of tourism uncivilized behavior records. In May this year, Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism issued a report on the implementation of the Interim Measures for the record of uncivilized tourism behavior in Beijing. Since the implementation of the method, a total of 10 uncivilized tourists and tourism practitioners have been recorded and publicized, which has played a certain deterrent role in tourism uncivilized behavior.

In August this year, Nanjing city set up the evaluation group of tourism uncivilized behavior records, and decided to include the behavior of tourists picking Bingdi Lianpeng in Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area as part of the tourism uncivilized behavior records of Nanjing city. The information is kept for two years. This is also the first uncivilized behavior that has been recorded since the implementation of the Interim Measures for the record management of tourism uncivilized behavior in Nanjing.

However, the management methods such as drone shouting and guard tour, find out the uncivilized behavior of passengers for the first time and dissuade them in a relaxed way, and then achieve the effect of preventing from being in the bud. It is not a kind of scenic spot management way worth trying.

However, these innovative and creative management methods only appear in some scenic spots, and most scenic spots still rely on limited manpower to make reminders while patrolling around. Recently, the reporter noticed in many scenic spots in Qingdao that the traditional scenic spot management still occupies the leading position.

For example, Qingdao Signal Mountain Park is a national 3A tourist attraction. The viewing building in the park can accommodate more than 40 people to enjoy the coastal scenery. Near the viewing window, there is an observation platform with a diameter of half a meter, which is used to separate the tourists from the safe viewing distance. But from time to time, tourists or families with children take their children to sit on the observation platform, and the staff nearby can only remind them with small trumpets over and over: the observation platform is hollow construction, there is a certain danger, please do not sit on it.

At present, the National Day holiday has been more than half, but the flow of people and the popularity of sightseeing in the major scenic spots have not decreased. According to the data of the Ministry of culture and tourism, a total of 110 million tourists were received in China on October 4, realizing 80.79 billion yuan of domestic tourism revenue. According to comprehensive statistics, from October 1 to October 4, 425 million tourists were received nationwide, 78.4% year-on-year; and 312.02 billion yuan of domestic tourism was realized, with a year-on-year recovery of 68.9%.

The Ministry of culture and tourism reminded that while paying attention to epidemic prevention and control, the vast number of tourists should abide by laws and regulations, respect social morality, and jointly create a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism. It also calls on tourists not to litter, not to smoke in non-smoking places, not to punch in and take photos in Internet red places, and not to engage in activities that endanger the personal safety of themselves and others.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054