How to better integrate into modern life

 How to better integrate into modern life

How to further live and inherit intangible cultural heritage? On the basis of sticking to its essence, it is undoubtedly an important path to make the ancient intangible cultural heritage better integrate into modern life and resonate with more young people. In this regard, the successors of the younger generation shoulder a great responsibility.

At present, just like Suzhou embroidery and Shu embroidery, intangible cultural heritage has experienced the creative transformation and innovative development of the new generation of inheritors, and the exquisite traditional crafts and modern aesthetic are skillfully integrated, which radiates the youthful vitality. Some embroidery, New Year pictures and paper cutting combine traditional festivals and 24 solar terms to produce thematic products and theme cultural creation to show the mystery of nature, the charm of tradition, and the fun of folk customs. They also integrate the current life and the style of the times to express their yearning and sustenance for a better life; some are large-scale ornamental porcelain transformed to produce small practical cultural creativity Products These products not only have the nature of intangible cultural heritage, but also follow the trend of the times. The market response is very good.

Some young people also carry out focus design, breaking through the limitations of the intangible cultural heritage project itself, so that it has a closer relationship with the lives of men, women, old and young. For example, for the elderly and customers who love old things, we will launch original intangible cultural heritage works; for young people, we will launch fashionable cultural and creative products such as headphones, handbags, pendants, dolls, etc.; for children, we will develop interesting material bags to let children participate in and experience the fun of handicrafts With the innovation of products, we also carry out various intangible cultural heritage experience activities in major business districts and cultural places, so that more people can deepen their understanding, recognition and love of intangible cultural heritage in the process of visiting and experiencing.

With good products, there should be better promotion. In the Internet age, intangible cultural heritage can boldly touch the Internet, take the initiative to go to more people, and even build themselves into fashionable products and online celebrities. At present, many young inheritors have tried to move the old workshops and crafts to the Internet, so as to make one move and one stitch in front of the netizens. The process of live broadcast is also interspersed with the popularization of intangible cultural heritage knowledge, which can also directly promote the sale of products. To our surprise, the real-time communication and close interaction with netizens not only improved the awareness of intangible cultural heritage, but also directly boosted the sales volume. It also collected a number of design, production and marketing ideas put forward by netizens, which broadened the path for future development. Link to the Internet, the ancient craftsmanship harvest more vitality, inspiration and ideas.

Innovate content expression, open online and offline The exploration of these new trends makes the future development of intangible cultural heritage more possible. However, it is not difficult to find that while many intangible cultural heritage projects are gradually becoming popular, there are still many projects that have not yet made breakthroughs and innovations. Why? Many inheritors are lack of skills, and they are only good at doing things, learning from the same, and lack the awareness and ability of design and development, market development and brand operation, which restricts their development.

In order to make a breakthrough and win the favor of young people, it is urgent for inheritors to strengthen their foundation, broaden their horizons and increase their education. In this regard, the Ministry of culture and tourism, the Ministry of education, and the Ministry of human resources and social security have jointly implemented the training program for inheritors of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2015, so that the inheritors can go to universities for further study, deepen their understanding of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and study the changes in contemporary aesthetic habits and lifestyle, so as to find a breakthrough point for the integration of tradition and reality. At present, more than 30000 trainees have been trained across the country. A wide variety of non legacy cultural and creative works have entered the market, and non legacy has been blowing among young people.

The popularity of intangible cultural heritage has greatly enhanced the recognition, pride and honor of intangible cultural heritage practitioners, attracting more young people to join the ranks of inheriting and promoting intangible cultural heritage. More and more new generation inheritors are expanding the more and more broad young market, which is undoubtedly the most gratifying situation.


Source: Peoples Daily - Peoples Daily: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054