Huang Yi: my crisis is marriage +. I am sand without you

 Huang Yi: my crisis is marriage +. I am sand without you


Life is like a play. Drama is not as good as life. Another is Huang Yis on the wrong bridal sedan chair to marry a couple, which is a classic TV series adapted from Xi silk novel. The classic is that the play is well shot and the actors are well chosen. If Du Bingyan and Li Yuhu follow the original marriage arrangement, it must be a tragic ending. But the bridegroom was exchanged, and all this changed. Again, is life possible to be so funny? Even if you raise the same eyebrows, it is difficult to level the meaning. Now, more injustice is waiting for you. Is Huang Yi tired of getting married and getting divorced again?



Is Huang Yi going to be a contestant in actor please be in position 2? Is this news a surprise? Are you surprised? Does Huang Yi need to prove himself through a variety show? Not to mention hype, that is a real restart? In the lead film actor please be in place, Huang Yi said, marriage tore me apart.. Other actress crises are 20 +, 30 + 40 +, and her own crisis is marriage +. Ha, this is Huang Yis most practical feeling. Others always say how good it is to get married and how happy you are to get married. Just look at her.


Huang Yi bluntly said: life without you is the wind, I am sand, little swallow and five elder brother do not exist at all. So ah, Qiongyaos novels and TV plays were so popular. Now, its gone. Why? They are all castles in the air created by Qiongyao. The men and women in them are very happy as long as they are in love. Everyday life, that is, I love you and you love me. Even if love wants to live to die, also want to be together forever. According to the current view of emotion, what is all this? Others do not joke, they can not survive.


My skin has been torn (Wen / Piaoyu Tung), my marriage has been unfortunate for seven years, and I dare not go out to meet people - womens youth is just a few decades. Seven years. How many seven years are there in your life? But wrong is wrong, love is love. After the divorce, he seemed to be separated from the world and became a new person again, but Huang Yi and Xiao Yan couldnt go back. This is how painful to understand, the original beauty of flowers can not withstand the water like years. The former you are the wind, I am the sand, now they are lingering to the end of the world. I hope no ones marriage crisis, two people strive to maintain until the end of time