Where are the unsold mooncakes after the Mid Autumn Festival?

 Where are the unsold mooncakes after the Mid Autumn Festival?

Wal Mart moon cake discount promotion

In fact, this scene is performed every year across the country. As seasonal food, the value of mooncakes plummeted after the Mid Autumn Festival, and supermarkets cancelled the mooncake counters one after another, returning the remaining mooncakes to dealers or manufacturers. In order to maintain their own brand, large food enterprises usually adopt three ways to deal with the moon cakes in stock: sell them at low prices; distribute them as welfare to employees; and smash the crust and stuffing together and sell them to feed factories.

Where are the mooncakes from the supermarket?

The sales period of moon cakes is usually only 20 days before the Mid Autumn Festival. Once the Mid Autumn Festival is over, the moon cakes will change from peoples good heart to nobody. On October 4, a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily and Red Star News found that most of the supermarkets removed their mooncake stalls on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival or the next day. Only the baking area could see fresh baked moon cakes. And these mooncakes will soon disappear.

The gift box area of HEMA fresh moon cake has been replaced by the toy counter of Halloween. The brand of fresh baked moon cake stall before the mid autumn festival now sells sandwiches. Staff told reporters that after the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cakes have been completely removed from the box horse fresh. At present, a few moon cake gift boxes can be purchased through HEMA app, many of which do not have stock in the store and need to be delivered the next day.

Wal Marts bulk pastry area also retains two moon cake shelves to sell bulk moon cakes from tianrenzhile and Guanshengyuan. The sales staff said that other brands had been returned to the manufacturer until the two models were sold out of stock. According to her, in order to reduce the risk of inventory, supermarkets order according to the sales data of previous years and the demand of citizens, and signed an agreement with the moon cake manufacturers to return the remaining moon cakes after the festival. There are also mooncakes that cant be returned and will be paid as employee benefits, but generally there wont be many mooncakes left after promotion. She pointed out that supermarkets will make sales promotion plans according to inventory, especially on the day of Mid Autumn Festival, to ensure that sales are sold out as much as possible.

Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star News reporters in Carrefour and Wal Marts baking areas saw moon cakes baked on the spot, with beef and ham stuffing. We make and sell as we go. We make new ones after we sell them out. We dont have any stock. Staff told reporters that these baked mooncakes will also be off the shelves within a month.

The reporter searched Jingdong home and found that supermarkets and department stores nearby were still selling moon cakes online, including nantaiyue, tianrenzhile, wufangzhai, Guangzhou Restaurant and other brands. Most of them were given 6-7% discount, and the stock was not much.

Where is the inventory of moon cake manufacturers?

Packaging accounts for most of the cost of a mooncake gift box. In recent years, the recycling method of moon cake is mainly breaking up into parts, that is, the gift box is removed and reused, and the moon cake is sold separately.

The shelf life of moon cakes is generally 30-90 days. In order to maximize the cost recovery, moon cake manufacturers try their best to sell the remaining inventory within the shelf life. In addition to discount sales in densely populated areas, enterprises will transfer inventory to township and rural markets.

This is a very important sales channel. In urban areas, we usually sell them for 20 days after the festival. At this time, the shelf life of moon cakes is still more than half a month, so the acceptance of rural areas is higher. For expired mooncakes, she revealed that they would be smashed intensively, sold to related enterprises to make animal feed, the most common is pig feed. However, the enterprises are all made according to the order, and the market demand predicted by the research will not be much different from the actual situation. In fact, there are not many moon cakes to be destroyed.

Consumers are most worried about buying old moon cakes and remanufactured dim sum based on moon cakes. Some media have reported that the moon cakes of the previous year return to the market for resale in the second year; and vendors buy moon cakes at a low price and process them into cakes to flow to the market

In this regard, some practitioners pointed out to the reporter of Chengdu Commercial Daily - Red Star news that the cost of cold storage and storage of moon cakes is higher than that of re production, and manufacturers generally do not choose to freeze them for one year before selling them. However, it is more feasible to make other snacks after low-cost purchase of lotus paste and other moon cake fillings. Consumers need to be vigilant.

It is understood that the State Food and Drug Administration will organize and implement special law enforcement inspection on the production and sales of moon cakes every year. Through checking and verifying the manufacturers license, the quality inspection Batch Report of moon cakes, and the surprise inspection and random inspection, the State Food and Drug Administration will prevent and crack down on illegal activities of producing and processing moon cakes with obsolete raw materials or recycled moon cakes.

As early as 2013, Shanghai launched the moon cake recycling and reporting system. No matter whether the mooncakes that dealers can not sell are overdue or not, they must report to the regulatory authorities, and do a good job in the shape of moon cakes before returning them.

In 2016, Beijing Municipal Bureau of food and Drug Administration (bfda) requested the citys moon cake manufacturers to resolutely stop modifying the production date, take the initiative to disclose the disposal of recycled moon cakes to the public, take the initiative to take centralized and unified destruction measures, and implement the festival food daily system in 2017. Since the date of moon cake production, production enterprises report the production, sales and sales of moon cakes to the local food and drug regulatory authorities every day Information on the destination, return quantity and destruction quantity of moon cakes, and master the production, sales, return and recycling of moon cakes.

This year, Zhejiang provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau announced that moon cake manufacturers should strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety, strictly prohibit the recycling and reprocessing behavior, and the products can be sold after passing the inspection. Moon cake business units should standardize the management requirements of purchase inspection, storage management, label identification, self inspection report, etc. Supermarket traceability supervision, according to the sales account to track where each piece of moon cake went.

Source of this article: Zhang Zutao, editor in charge of Chengdu Commercial Daily_ NT5054