Women in this life, must love you do not deserve the person, the benefits of three points

 Women in this life, must love you do not deserve the person, the benefits of three points

Listen again, I am deeply convinced.

The female players think that the more they are not worthy of each other, the more they make others feel that they are not matched. Even if they are low matched themselves, they will be said by others as this woman has something. The implication is that if you are higher than yourself, you will become better.

It is reasonable to think carefully.

Hong Kongs performing arts industry has always been a mystery.

Many female stars like to marry rich families, but there is also a lot of blood and tears behind the climb. Another type of female stars who are not easy to see more choose another way: to become a powerful family.

Among them, Zhang Yushan, the boss of the self-cultivation hall, is the winner.

She was not the most beautiful woman at the beginning of her career, but her IQ was obviously different among the female stars. After performing several tepid films and TV plays, she was attracted by Xiang Huasheng, a big man. After the two became lovers, people saw the change of Zhang Yushan: instead of relying on her boyfriends power to develop in the film and television industry, she suddenly stopped her film and turned into a beauty army, and quickly became the leader in the field.

Similar to her is Li Ka Shings girlfriend Zhou Kaixuan. In the public circle, Zhou Kaixuan may have been regarded as a successful woman with a small career and the ability to earn a little money. However, in the small circle, if it was not for Li Ka Shing, she would not even have the chance to enter the upper class. In addition, she is not young and looks average, so it is difficult to equate her with Li Ka Shing. Everyone thinks that she is not worthy, even if she has no name and share and has been following each other for nearly 30 years.

Some people say that this womans intention is not ordinary. But when you see the fact that she has taken the lead in the market game under the guidance of Li Ka Shing, you will understand how much benefit she has brought to herself by this unworthy man.

How much benefit can you get from loving someone who you dont deserve?

Back to the beginning, the female debater mentioned by Mingyi starts with her small benefits.

For example, if you fall in love with a person who everyone thinks you dont deserve, although its painful to fall in love with someone, and you may not get a reply from him in this lifetime, at that moment, you are willing to change for him. From body management to self-development, you want to become better and jump into his eye one day.

The result is not important. The important thing is that you become better because of a person who is not worthy of it. The beneficiary is you.

Lets go back to Zhang Yushan. Now she is 50, compared with those female stars of the same age who are still acting as godmothers in the entertainment industry, her identity and life are many times better. If it was not for the unworthy person, I believe no one would really give her advice.

The last is Zhou Kaixuan. After 30 years of company, it doesnt matter how the outcome is. Whats important is that the one who doesnt deserve has given her a stable life and an invincible shopping experience. Outsiders seem to be unworthy. But how many people envy her growth in this half of her life?

Therefore, in this life, we must love the person you dont deserve. No matter whether you can get it or not, at least the final beneficiary is you, who grows up and is also you.