Half life fate: only when I was an adult did I find that some marriages were wrong

 Half life fate: only when I was an adult did I find that some marriages were wrong


As I said before, I first came into contact with Zhang Ailings prose. Zhang Ailings prose, lazy but has a different understanding. As a writer, the way of thinking and the angle of observing things are different from those of people. We watched the fun, and she would also be flying with her thoughts. Then, I saw cousin Jixiang by Zhao Wei and Su Youpeng. I almost forgot the plot of the story. But still remember, Zhao Wei was reading Eileen Changs words under those Indus trees. However, she did not tell me the source of this sentence.


Im crazy. I keep looking. At that time, the Internet was not so developed. I could only buy all the physical books available on the market. However, we must not swallow the words. Thats right. I cant refute it. Can only reluctantly accept, but that how embarrassing ah. I want you to know that there is always a person waiting for you in this world. No matter when or where you are, you know, there will always be such a person. So, people are so nostalgic.


For Gu Manzhen, his life can only go through this way. All her loved ones, except the children, have left. Her favorite man is already someone elses husband and father. This is an unchangeable fact. She can only send her best wishes. That casual meeting, also inadvertently talk about. This is the so-called close to the horizon, you look at me, I look at you. This is the furthest distance in the world. Gu Manzhen didnt promise to be with Zhu Hongcai at the beginning. But Shen cuijun and Shi Shengzi agreed.


At that time, I would be very angry. I fully understand Gu Manzhens refusal to be with her brother-in-law. But Shen Shijun, can you not choose Shi Cuizhi? Shi Cuizhi, you have a good feeling with your brother. Why dont you help them? You have to be the biggest obstacle. And dont you always have to compromise? What should I do if I meet my beloved Gu Manzhen in the near future? You cant abandon your wife and son. What about your love? Whats the promise you made? What happened between you and Gu Manzhen? Love words, all said to the air to listen to?



Around, fate is popular. Once youve gone a thousand miles, dont look for it again. Marriage, wrong is wrong