The man who quarrels with you like this, forget it

 The man who quarrels with you like this, forget it

Not everyone has an obligation to give everything for you wholeheartedly. If a person is willing to offer everything for you in silence, he always stands on your side and never abandons you easily, which shows that he really likes and cares about you.

For women, the man who quarrels with you like this, forget it. You dont have to pester him any more.

1. Quarrel without mercy

If a man really cares about you, he wont take the initiative to quarrel with you. Even if I quarrel with you, I will master the proper measure and measure.

Its inevitable to quarrel, especially when you decide to stay together for a lifetime, you may face various challenges and pressures, and your views on the same thing will deviate.

Its normal to quarrel, but you should learn to understand and tolerate each other, rather than being aggressive and aggressive to your partner.

The more a man cares about you, the more he cant bear to criticize you too much, and he wont humiliate or abuse you easily. On the contrary, he will give you more respect and understanding, pay attention to ways and methods, and maintain the necessary gentlemanly demeanor to you.

In a relationship, if a man behaves neither respectable nor calm, he always quarrels with you. When fighting, he often forces you into a desperate situation and makes you loveless. It shows that he may not love you so much, and you can die of him as soon as possible.

If a man really loves you, then no matter what shortcomings you have, he will fully tolerate and respect you, and will not be too rude to you.

If a man quarrels with you, his attitude is too rough and simple, he speaks without thinking, no matter how bad the words can be blurted out, and even often put the word break up on the edge of his mouth, then most likely means that his heart is no longer on you.

If I really care about you, I wont yell at you.

When you realize that a man lacks the necessary patience and care for you, his attitude towards you becomes more and more rude. Even if you speak to him carefully and you pay 100% enthusiasm and sincerity to him, he will not fully accept you. If he looks at you unfavourably, then he may not love you for a long time.

Whether a man is worth dating, sometimes, you just need to quarrel with him. If a man really cares about you, he will not easily have a fierce conflict with you, even if he quarrels with you occasionally, he will know enough to stop, and his attitude towards you will become particularly gentle, not all kinds of rough and bad.

3. Its always a cold war

If a man is always in a cold war with you, he is not willing to help you solve all kinds of contradictions and conflicts in your relationship in a timely manner. When he encounters problems, he only knows to escape, which shows that he has no responsibility, and he can not give you the sense of security and belonging you really want.

The cold war has done a lot of harm to the development of feelings. Feelings need communication and interaction. When a man is not willing to communicate with you, no matter what you say to him, he cant listen to it, and he cant really understand your real intention and idea. Nine times out of ten, it shows that his heart is no longer on you.

The reason why a man often has a cold war with you is that he has put you down in his heart. His love for you has become more and more weak, and he even doesnt want to see you again.

When you realize that a man starts to avoid you everywhere, after every quarrel, he never takes the initiative to give you a step down, but to the end of the cold war with you, he is not willing to take the initiative to break the deadlock, even if you take the initiative to please him, he is also indifferent to you, he always puts on a cold face or Stinky Face to you, so most of it means that he wants to leave you.

If a man really likes and cares about you, he will actively try to resolve all kinds of contradictions and conflicts in his feelings, and he will not easily cold war with you.

In a word, its normal for you to quarrel occasionally in your relationship. You dont have to make a fuss about it. The key is to resolve the quarrel reasonably and not to turn it into a cold war.

Once you dont pay attention to the small problems or contradictions, and you are not willing to resolve them through negotiation, the conflicts and problems in the relationship will pile up more and more. Quantitative changes will produce qualitative changes, and eventually may completely crush the relationship between you.

If a man is willing to give you full tolerance and respect, he can understand your difficulties, he will not easily quarrel with you, but can have a good laugh with you. He will use humor to resolve the embarrassment, which shows that he really loves you.

If a man after every quarrel with you, he is depressed, neither willing to take the initiative to give you the steps, nor to accept your apology, then you should not be deeply attached to him.

Feelings are two peoples things. Only when you really think about one thing and make your efforts to one place, your feelings will be full of cohesion, and the feelings between you will become better and better.

True good feelings are not without any contradictions or problems. After all, there is no perfect feeling in this world. However, when there is a quarrel, you should timely and properly solve and handle the problems in the relationship. You should understand mutual tolerance and seek common ground while reserving differences.

In any case, you should learn to cherish the man in front of you who loves you wholeheartedly. It is only when you can truly be heart to heart and love each other, and you are willing to give each other more strength and encouragement, your feelings will be able to bear fruit.