Li Siyu and Chen Yiming: break up without marriage? Why is modern love vulnerable

 Li Siyu and Chen Yiming: break up without marriage? Why is modern love vulnerable



In addition to Li Siyu and Chen Yiming in Dear self, there are many characters in film and television works who have such defects. Or, its the result of dramatic conflict. Or, its a process of re selecting the characters in the play. In a word, people should consider marriage when they reach a certain age. This is human nature. If you say it is a demand for characters? This cant be said in any case. People cant live without emotional problems. Family love, friendship and love, only love can never be met. One on one. Where to find this guy?


Some people plead for Li Siyu. When Chen Yiming lost his job, didnt she always accompany her? Sorry, the last laugh is the best. Its a good thing to split up on the way? In the end, I was still together, although everyone was happy. But there are tears in the smile, do you see it? Of course, its better than having to be together. But there are still regrets, these years of feelings have not been in vain, these years of time has not been wasted. But this person is no longer his own. He (she) has his or her own happiness, in the future everything has nothing to do with you.


Why is modern love so vulnerable? 1u3001 The living environment determines that it is impossible to love wholeheartedly. 2u3001 Self anxiety determines the lack of skills. 3u3001 And the way we get along with each other. Once upon a time, I was slow enough to love one person. Now, love in the fast food age cant stand the test of time and love. And finally? Only a sigh in the wind. If its a big deal, get married in a hurry. Completed the task, thats all. Love or not, who cares. If we want to go on like this, what can we do with love and marriage?