Mu Shuai: I am a defensive coach, I can make 6 points and win double figures

 Mu Shuai: I am a defensive coach, I can make 6 points and win double figures

In December, Jose Antonio returned to the dream theatre for the first time as an opponent after being sacked by Manchester United. Tottenham lost 2-1 to Manchester United in that game, while sotirio made a head bash on Jose after the match. It can be said that that day was a disgrace to Mussina and he must have been waiting for the day of revenge. Today, 10 months later, Mussina finally got the chance. After the re assembly of Jos u00e9 Mussina, the strength of Spurs lineup has been greatly improved, which gives him the opportunity to be proud.

6-1, such a score is unbelievable. At the end of the game, Mussina, sitting on the coachs seat, was relaxed, while sothequer was very lonely. When bogba gave away some, Mussina was smiling. When United were in charge, Mussina and bogba had many conflicts. At the end of the game, Mussina shook hands with Soxhlet. After shaking his hand, Mussina felt his head with his hand and walked away silently

Mussina also believes United have escaped more red cards in todays game. Manchester United could have ended the game with an eight man squad. Yes, they may have only eight players on the court at the end of the game. Some things are happening right in front of my eyes and I can see it clearly. However, I can understand that the referee did not show more red cards to Manchester United because it would make united more passive

In the last two games, Tottenham have scored 13 goals in a frenzied manner, with marchabi and Manchester United becoming the victims of Jose Musas sword. For a long time, Mussina has been called a defensive coach by the outside world. Imagine if spurs were an attacking coach today, they could have scored 10, 11 and 12 goals. Because their current coach is a defensive coach, they have scored 5, 6, 7 goals

Manchester United havent lost a lot of games and its not normal for them to score six goals in a game, he stressed. This is a historic victory. Its a historic day for Tottenham and for my players. Again, I have to say its also my historic day. I won a lot of games in this stadium, most of which helped Manchester United win. However, I have also led Chelsea and Real Madrid to win here. Now, I also let Spurs win here

Its a victory for all the players in the team. Its a victory for our confidence, we are full of confidence and I feel happy. Its a great honor for us to create such a record in this stadium. We are the best team. When 11 against 11, they cant beat us. Weve won and weve wasted a lot of opportunities. Todays performance is really impressive. Mussina said.

After the 1-6 defeat, sothequer was under a lot of pressure, and Mussina knew what happened to him. I sympathize with Solskjaer. I dont remember when I lost six goals, but Ive lost five and four and I know its painful. As the winner, I know what to do. Of course I want to win and score seven or eight, but I have to show sympathy. Hes the loser today. Maybe tomorrow is me

According to OPTA, Mussina is the second manager in the history of the Premier League to score more than five goals away from home. It is worth mentioning that the first is Solskjaer. In December 2018, sotirio led Manchester United to sweep Cardiff City 5-1.

According to the Daily Mails previous statistics, levy has already spent 100 million pounds in the introduction of the coach since taking office, and the players he has bought meet the requirements of the coach. This season, Spurs are likely to make a big difference. I dont know if we can win trophies, but weve been working hard, he said. Im very happy with the squad, we have incredible configuration on the offensive side