First, observe President Xis UN time to respond to the changes of the times and the world

 First, observe President Xis UN time to respond to the changes of the times and the world

The invisible threshold lies between the present and the future. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is threatening, the world economy has been hit hard, and the international pattern has been accelerating. How human beings act determines the future.

At a crucial moment, President Xi Jinping attended the 75th anniversary series of high-level meetings of the United Nations and delivered an important speech. He responded to Chinas voice and China plan in response to the changes of the times and the world.


Chinese people value faith. Especially in the face of major choices, firm ideals and beliefs like a beacon and beacon to lead the way forward.

In September 21st, the United Nations set up the 75th Anniversary Commemorative Summit. President Xi Jinping said, after the storm is a rainbow; in September 22nd, the general debate of the UN General Assembly, President Xi Jinping stressed, victory will belong to the people of the world.

Firm belief runs through President Xi Jinpings UN time.

This is the 70th anniversary most important summit in the United Nations since 2015. In 2017, after the speech at the UN headquarters in Geneva, President Xi Jinping once again boarded the most important multilateral stage of the United Nations.

During the 11 day meeting period, there were five consecutive important activities, a series of major initiatives and practical measures, so that the world can see a China with firm faith and brave and resolute responsibility.

The cause of belief in the future can be found in history.

75 years ago, the United Nations came into being after two terrible wars. Over the past 75 years, the worlds social productive forces have been greatly liberated and developed. The ability of mankind to overcome difficulties and transform the world has been unprecedentedly improved. Billions of people have embarked on the journey of modernization, and it has become a broad consensus of the international community to help each other in the same boat.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation and global change in the past hundred years have not been changed, but the theme of peace and development has not changed. The expectations of people of all countries for peaceful development, cooperation and win-win situation are stronger. President Xi Jinping pointed out.

get some action

Unity and anti epidemic and recovery and development are two examination questions in front of people. Start and act is the solution given by China.

To promote international joint prevention and control, to formulate comprehensive and normalized prevention and control measures, to orderly promote the resumption of business and the resumption of work and school Based on Chinas own epidemic practice, President Xi Jinping shared Chinas experience and put forward his advocacy proposition.

We must face up to the major issues such as the gap between the rich and the poor, the gap between development and other major issues, establish the concept of a big family and win-win cooperation and the global governance system needs to be reformed and improved Facing the current global pain point, President Xi Jinping pointed out the direction of development.

Those who do not seek refuge will enter.

In order to build an ecological civilization and beautiful earth, President Xi Jinpings appeal is great teaching human needs a self revolution.

Only through reform and innovation can we keep vigorous vitality and hold the golden key of sustainable development.

Only solid action can turn the ideal into reality, and human beings can hold the future and destiny in their hands.

Unity and cooperation, China is not only an active advocate, but also a firm practitioner. 5 years ago, President Xi Jinping announced a series of major initiatives and initiatives at the 70th anniversary summit of the United Nations. In just 5 years, the relevant commitments have been fully implemented.

Words will do, deeds will bear fruit. China has taken the initiative to promote the cause of international peace and development, and has taken solid actions to support multilateralism, which has attracted worldwide attention.


With China sonorous and forceful voice, President Xi Jinpings new development pattern and new development concept are coming into the international perspective with the two new concepts in Chinas concept.

These two new are not only the result of Chinas development practice, but also Chinas active choice and long-term plan for sustainable development. When Chinas vision meets the expectations of the world in this special year, the Chinese concept is not only about itself, but also about the world.

Since the beginning of this year, 1.4 billion Chinese people have braved difficulties and made concerted efforts to overcome the impact of the epidemic and accelerate the restoration of production and living order. The World Bank forecasts that Chinas economy will grow by 7.9% next year, combined with the emergence of vaccines and the sustained economic recovery.

If the world is good, China will be better; if China is good, the world will be better.

Chairman Xi Jinping emphasized that China will not close its doors and operate in a closed way, and gradually develop a new development pattern with the main domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double circulation as a whole.

From a new round of scientific and technological revolution to industrial transformation, from ecological civilization construction to green low carbon transformation President Xi Jinpings advocacy proposals are all in line with Chinas wisdom and Chinas plan.

u2014u2014All countries should establish a new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing;

u2014u2014We should unswervingly build an open world economy;

u2014u2014Promote the green recovery of the world economy after the epidemic situation;

u2014u2014Development must be sustainable, and the relationship between good and nature needs to be dealt with

We dont seek to be the best, and we dont want you to lose and Ill win... Behind the simple words is Chinas open attitude to share development opportunities with other countries, and it is Chinas sincere will to add impetus to world economic recovery and growth.


Global threats and challenges require a strong global response.

Facing the new situation and new challenge, what should be changed? President Xi Jinping appealed to the United Nations to uphold justice, enforce the rule of law, promote cooperation and focus action, and express the eagerly anticipation of the international community.

What cant change? President Xi Jinping reaffirmed his firm commitment to multilateralism. He stressed: the UN Charter is still an important guarantee for world peace and development after being tested again and again..

We cant listen to whoever has a big fist, abandon ideological debate, engage in unilateralism and hegemony will lose peoples hearts

With Chinas support, the United Nations can better discharge its responsibilities. U.N. Secretary General Guterres said.

Let us unite to uphold the common values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom, promote the construction of a new type of international relations, promote the construction of a community of shared destiny for mankind, and jointly create a better future for the world.

This is Chinas declaration and the common aspiration of the people of all countries.