Uncle Zha: I cant explain the game. We made all the mistakes we could make

 Uncle Zha: I cant explain the game. We made all the mistakes we could make

I cant explain. Im not sure what happened in this game, but I can tell you what I saw. I dont know why villa grasped all the mistakes we made and they held us in their hands. We had a chance, but we didnt take it. Of course, when you lose seven goals, you cant argue that the score should have been 7-7 According to Zhashu.

He stressed: we made too many mistakes, and they were basically huge mistakes, from the first goal, always the same. It looks like were lost after 0-1. Of course, Im not making excuses. For this defeat, we have to blame only myself and the players, no one else. Who would have thought that we would lose 2-7? I told the players a few years ago that we are going to make history. Today we are making another kind of history

Todays game is the first time that klop has dropped seven goals in a single Premier League match after leading Liverpool to a 5-0 defeat to Manchester City in September 2017. In a game, Liverpool made all the mistakes they shouldnt have made. Villa played well and they forced us to make mistakes. Were not creative enough in attack three. And when villa hit back, our defensive performance was much lower than usual

In the first half, you can see that the team is not in shape, the body language of the players and so on. Last week, Mr. Keane said our performance was a bit loose. Today, we can not use loose to describe the performance, nothing to say, is playing too bad. No one wants this to happen, but it does happen.

I have to admit what happened today, but I cant change it right now. Tomorrow, we will analyze the training and have a dialogue with the players, and then let them report back to the national team, hoping that they can come back healthy I hope we can start again. We are a little lost now.

Adrian made a mistake again and the Red Army fans miss Alison. However, the Brazilian goalkeeper revealed that the injury is not optimistic: he will certainly miss a few games, it looks like weeks, we will see again. It is reported that Alison was in training and his teammates collided, resulting in shoulder injury.