Neville laughs at Carragher after Liverpools defeat

 Neville laughs at Carragher after Liverpools defeat

Neville is extremely distressed to see Manchester United being ravaged by Spurs at home. He also changed his view on Jose Mourinho: Jose has said that bringing united to second place in the Premier League is his greatest achievement. I thought he was joking before, but now I think he should be right. Neville has repeatedly questioned the Portugueses ability during his time in charge of Manchester United.

Obviously, Neville is going to have a very depressing day. However, Liverpools subsequent performance brought the Manchester United star back to life. When Liverpool were 5-1 behind Aston Villa, Neville sent a picture of himself drinking champagne, which seemed to be quite comfortable and completely forgetting that Manchester United had just been bloody washed.

After Liverpool lost 2-7, Neville was more than happy, he also targeted Carragher. On twitter, Neville posted a self portrait with a smile on his face, a TV in the background and Carraghers shocked expression on the screen. Neville also added an expression of applause. He behaved like a broken up couple: Im happy to see youre not doing well.

Carragher is very open-minded, he made Nevilles photos into his own social media avatar. Carragher commented on Liverpools performance today: I laughed at the end. This is the worst performance of krop. I dont agree with Liverpools high pressure