Ill see you for a long time. Juve were pigeoned by Napoli. Agnelli: should be sentenced to 3-0

 Ill see you for a long time. Juve were pigeoned by Napoli. Agnelli: should be sentenced to 3-0

The match was originally scheduled to be held at 2:45 a.m. Beijing time on October 5, but only Juve players and coaches arrived at the Allianz stadium, while the Napoli team did not visit at all. According to the rules, the whole team of Juve waited with the referee team for 45 minutes on the court. After that, the referee announced that the game was cancelled and the whole team was allowed to leave. Corriere dello Sport pointed out that it was waiting for the ruling of the sports court that the match could win 3-0 for Juve.

Napoli beat Genoa 6-0 in the last round of the league, but after the game, 22 Genoa club members tested positive for new coronavirus, and then Napoli players Zelinski and Elmas and another staff member also tested positive for the virus. The local health authorities asked Napoli to isolate themselves, but Napoli finally chose not to go to Juves home stadium.

After the cancellation of the match, Juve president Agnelli also gave sky sports an interview, saying: Juve like to win on the court, not on paper. But there are rules in the sports world that have to be followed, and there are very clear rules that tell you what to do if a player has a positive virus test. According to the agreement between the Italian Football Association and the Ministry of health, if a player in the team tests positive for the virus, the whole team needs to be isolated, but can continue to train and play. So tonight we are going to play against Napoli

Agnelli revealed: Napoli President De laurentiz has sent me a message that he wants to postpone the game, but I said Juve must abide by the rules. Whats happening today is not new. It has been similar in recent weeks. The rules of football are clear. Teams who dont play on time will be punished and the sports court will make a decision tomorrow (Monday) Napoli will appeal if it is found to be 0-3 negative.