Write a resume, Haitou tries 1 week CP, young peoples blind date is so hard?

 Write a resume, Haitou tries 1 week CP, young peoples blind date is so hard?

01 KPI for blind date

At the weekend, Xiaomei sits in the coffee shop to revise her resume. A piece of A4 paper is full of Xiaomeis personal experience: she is 27 years old, has a masters degree from top universities abroad, her annual income is 300000, and her parents have company information. In addition, Xiaomeis 5 refined self portraits are on the paper, which are eye-catching.

In 2018, Xiaomei returned to China and joined an Internet company in Beijing. It usually works very busy, and even after work time has contributed to the companys KPI (keyperformanceindicator).

Xiaomei, who pays attention to efficiency in her work, thinks that blind date should also be efficient. Her KPI for blind date is submit resume to at least one boy every week.

For the blind date resume, most of the boys are dissatisfied. They think that they are like goods marked with a marked price, so they make Xiaomei black. However, there is also a boy who throws out a more delicate resume, which makes Xiaomei look at her in a moment, and her good feeling is doubled. Its challenging. Its my favorite type..

Boys family background and personal ability are similar to Xiaomei. Xiaomei was moved, and her liking for the boy soared to 90%, so she made an appointment to meet offline.

02 longing for a arranged love

My dad turned me down for a blind date, so I had to let him know that I might need a blind date. Xiao Jins circle of friends attracted a crowd of college students: youre only 23 years old. Whats the rush?

In 2020, just graduated, she plunges into the media industry in Beijing and lives on the front line at two oclock every day. In addition to her male colleagues, Xiao Jin talks with less than three men a week, let alone taking off the bills. Xiaojin cant help sighing: its better to know more boys than to sit around waiting for death.

In 2019, zhenai.com released the 2019q1 single population survey report, which shows that the age of first blind date between single men and women is less than 23 years old, and nearly half of the post-95s have blind date experience.

Two thousand kilometers away from home, and far away from her hometowns network, Xiao Jins parents feel that she is still young and has a choice. However, Xiaojin is eager for arranged love more than anyone else.

Theres a shortage of girls like that? Xiaojin is puzzled at the same time, he is also worried about his market in the dating market.

Unlike Xiaojins parents, Xiaoyings parents say they are not in a hurry. In fact, every time they worship Buddha, they always ask for marriage for their daughter. Xiao Yingguang, who graduated from university and was admitted to the civil service in her hometown, had 30 dates last year. The rich experience of blind date also let her sum up the experience: teachers, doctors and civil servants, these three professions can be called sweet cakes on the dating field. However, despite this, as other peoples eyes sweet cake Xiaoying has not yet succeeded in taking off the single.

From the age of 24 to 29, parents asked relatives and friends to introduce the blind date from 5 or 6 years older than Xiaoying to 1 or 2 years younger than Xiaoying.

Xiaoyings attitude towards blind date is not too much. She believes that the advantage of introducing blind date by relatives and friends lies in using rich life experience to help herself avoid the risk of marriage and love.

03 spend 5 yuan to try one week CP

Bai Lin, who was born in 1999, is a junior in a university in Beijing. He said that he had no experience in love. Before that, the closest time to get rid of the bill was the official match CP (couple pairing) in the game group.

It is understood that in the one week CP activity, the staff will match the CP for the participants according to their preferences. The two sides will jointly complete the punch in tasks of different themes for a week, break the ice and get to know each other. The two people can start with friends or advance the progress of communication at any time. If you have feelings, you can continue to communicate after 7 days. If you dont call, you can break up at any time without pressure. Bai Lin introduced to reporters from China and Singapore.

At first, Xiaoju thinks that its hard to give real emotion under the name of weekly CP, but the conversation with Bailin makes Xiaoju change his mind. They eat together in class and share their favorite music. They eat chicken together. They also pass photos to each other. They become seasonings in each others lives.

Stir fried noodles made by Bailin for tangerine

Four days after the start of the event, Bai Lin told Zhongxin Jingwei that they completed the task of lovers sent by the group leader every day, and they gradually became one of the last couple in the activity. At least the story is not finished, no matter how brave we are. He said.

(at the request of the interviewees, Xiaowen, Xiaoying, Xiaomei, Bailin and Xiaoju are pseudonyms)

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