Never married, refused jobs 400 million investment, he saved hundreds of millions of lives

 Never married, refused jobs 400 million investment, he saved hundreds of millions of lives


As we all know, there are many powerful gods in the world. They are unknown, but they always influence the society in their own way.

The same is true of the man we are going to talk about today.

He was honored as the most famous living inventor in the world by the Internet. Together with jobs and Bill Gates, he was selected as the worlds top 10 dropout Billionaires, and he was the only idol of Li Ka Shing, the richest man.

He was given the highest honor by the United Nations and didnt need security anywhere, even in the White House.

This guy is Dean Kamen, known as the modern Edison..

Dean and Obama

So many labels on this man are not enough to interpret his contribution.

Maybe you dont know him, but you must know one of his inventions, such as the Segway balance car.

As soon as the balance car came out, it attracted the attention of Bill Gates, Bezos, jobs and other big men. It can be said that it has high commercial value.

As the father of the balance car, Dean Carmen could have made a lot of money.

In Deans opinion, this is just one of his more than 400 inventions. His proudest inventions are all used to save people.

The world of genius is always different.

By the time Dean was five years old, he had begun to show his uniqueness.

Galileo and Newton are the most popular books for little boys, and electronic parts are their favorite toys.

At the age of 6, you can use a dimmer to drum up a music lamp that is synchronized with the sound.

At the age of 16, he was introduced by his uncle to the Hayden Planetarium in New York to do holiday work. As soon as he entered the door, he felt that the lighting system inside was too backward.

Cumbersome and expensive...

The young man who didnt know the sky and the earth went straight to the curators office and suggested that he upgrade the lighting system.

Hayden Planetarium, New York

Think about it. The Hayden Planetarium in New York, the most advanced Museum in the United States at that time, suddenly a high school student came to say that your things were out of date, and the curator would not answer.

Seeing that the curator didnt take his words to heart, Dean turned around and went back to the small basement of his home to work on the lighting equipment he wanted.

Still in the period of mischievous teenagers, immediately ran to the planetarium, secretly access their new products, the result of the circuit board exploded

Dishevelled with his equipment, Dean went back to his small laboratory and worked hard again.

The second time he came back, in the presence of the curator, he succeeded.

The Hayden Planetarium ushered in Deans lighting system, and four nearby museums, including the Chicago Science Museum, were all renovated.

But when it comes to school, although Dean goes to school step by step, he is partial to the subject.

In addition, his lighting system can earn 60000 dollars a year, more than his parents combined wages. In all, Dean dropped out of school and devoted all his energy to invention when he was a sophomore.

Geniuses can break away from the rules, but they are often seen as freaks because they dont play cards according to common sense.

When he was young, Dean would take advantage of his parents vacation to find a construction team to move his house away and expand his basement (because there was too much invention to put in).

After expanding the territory, he quietly moved the house back

In Deans world, theres usually no such thing as impossible, as someone told him that the two foot balanced body feeling car he envisioned would not work.

Despite the well-known balance car, half of deans more than 400 inventions are medical inventions.

I have to say, my brother asked the right person.

Although Dean has no medical experience, he is a device maniac. Within one year, he successfully developed the worlds first micro drug controller, which uses microprocessor to control drug injection dose, directly breaking the medical history.

So he invented a portable insulin pump that diabetics can use to keep their blood sugar stable throughout the day.

He also made a portable kidney dialysis machine.

He created the IBOT for the disabled.

For those who have difficulty walking on both legs, the IBOT is their SUV.

Dean felt very sad to see the disabled people in wheelchairs struggling for a long time to cross a small step. So his IBOT, which he designed, was easy to go up and down the slope, up the steps and over the threshold.

People in wheelchairs can travel independently and easily through it, and enter and exit any store with threshold.

In addition, considering the self-esteem of disabled people, he also designed the wheelchair to be able to stand high with two wheels, so that even when sitting in a wheelchair, he can look up at the people around him.

In this wheelchair, Dean entered the white house freely and was received by President Clinton at that time.

Clinton presented him with the National Medal for science and technology

In fact, Dean has long been targeted by the advanced research projects agency of the U.S. Department of defense. Such a talented scientist born in the air must dig in to study advanced technology.

In fact, when invited by the Ministry of defense to make prosthetic limbs for disabled soldiers returning from the battlefield, Dean did not agree.

Because the Ministry of defense asked him to invent a prosthetic limb that would allow soldiers to easily pinch raisins, pick up grapes and send them into the mouth.

Crazy! This kind of delicate manipulator connected to the human body needs the reactor of afferent, efferent and tactile, as well as good motor control to ensure the bending of joints, elbows and other places

Only the special effects of movies can do it.

Not at all. You may be the terminator. Youve seen too much!

At that time, Deans work was saturated, and he was working on water suppression and power projects, and he was already busy.

But once he decides to do it, he will.

He quickly set up a team and put himself into the research. He took the team to make the complicated prosthesis in one year.

There were two people trying out Deans prosthetic limbs. One of them, chuck, lost his arms.

After installing the prosthesis, chuck picked up a small spoon, scooped a spoonful of cereal and milk, and used all the joints to steadily deliver it to his mouth without spilling a drop of milk.

Chucks wife stood behind, tearful

Dean, he hasnt fed himself for 19 years, so you have two choices: lets take this arm back, or you can take chuck back.

Dean cant believe that his country has so many powerful military aircraft, but his soldiers only have a wooden stick with hook, so he did it and successfully put it into production.

A 20-year-old boy who lost his arms said to Dean, I need the arms you invented, but I may need two.

Dean told him, youll get them.

The boy asked him, I used to have a truck. Do you think I can drive it in the future?

Dean did not hesitate to tell him: of course!

I dont care whether the Defense Department likes this Lukes hand or not. I only care whether those who lose their arms like it or not. Therefore, I have to work harder and faster.

I dont care about the economy, I dont care about politics. I just want to get the hurt kids what they deserve.

Some people say that God loves the world to send down talents like Dean.

Here we have to mention that he invented the water purification system.

Diarrhea is the second largest killer of children worldwide, and lack of safe drinking water is the leading cause of death for 3000 children under the age of five every day worldwide.

Knowing this, Dean turned around and invented the catapult water purification system. This purification machine can purify 1000 liters of water a day and has been used for 5 years without maintenance.

Because the water purifier doesnt cost a lot of money, he said

In addition, this water purification system with high commercial value was given to poor areas by Dean for free, saving countless people.

And he himself, has been awarded the highest honor by the United Nations.

To see the health of the children is what he wants.

When he was old, Dean lived in seclusion on an island, but he was still not idle.

He built his own power grid on the island and placed a huge cast iron steam engine in the atrium of his house, and he was determined to live on the islands renewable energy.

Living on the island, Dean doesnt feel lonely, and occasionally he plays chess with his robot.

In addition, this craftsman spirit first person is also committed to holding the worlds most influential youth robot competition, and is working hard to cultivate more talents.

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