White moonlight: make do with one eye open and one eye closed, do you want this kind of marriage?

 White moonlight: make do with one eye open and one eye closed, do you want this kind of marriage?

Later, I knew why my friend was so bitter about Zhang Yi. It turns out that her sister Amin has a similar experience. This kindergarten teacher usually looks gentle and generous. But you cant believe it. A mins husband is a famous rich second generation in this city. Very few people drive a convertible in a city like this. But Amins husband is, so its impossible for others to recognize him or recognize him wrongly. There is no beauty in the fragrant car. Co pilot, who is that man?

Amin husband has a variety of explanations, anyway, the woman around almost no month is the same type. Amin asked him, can you be more restrained? Do you think of me? Even if Amins mothers family all go out, go straight to the rich second generations home to ask for justice. As a result, he was dissolved by the family. They said, we must not make the misunderstanding more and more black. In this way, it is not good for Amin and his little brother (his nickname) Well, these motherfuckers are saboteurs. Amin, Im dying of insomnia.


Amin did not dare to mention divorce because her parents did not allow her to divorce: Amin, dont be silly. If you dont get divorced, youll always be his wife. If you divorce, other women will take advantage of it. oh It turns out that if you dont divorce, you dont want to make other people cheap. Amins daughter is still young, kindergarten began to participate in a variety of high-end training classes. At one time, the tuition fees were several thousand, and several classes were enrolled at once. Ha ha, if only rely on Amin that not too much income, simply can not afford to pay. For the sake of the next generation, Amin cant divorce either. She couldnt get away from this marriage.

So, is it OK to open one eye and close one eye? Zhang Yi in white moonlight is not the one to swallow his anger. She incarnated as Sherlock Holmes, looking for the third party hiding in the dark from any clues. Moreover, I did not show any flaws. Think of the former heroines of Qiongyao opera. One cry two make three hang, this just can bear to squat in front of the television melon crowd. Zhang Yi and Zhang Xin can have their own ways of playing and living. Now, arent many couples like this? Its a strange bedfellows.


Therefore, one kind of rice raises thousands of people. Can be like Amin, choose to ignore the marriage crisis and continue. Can be like Zhang Yi, break the casserole and ask the end - if you dont find out the woman, you will never give up. The difference lies in how much women depend on men. In other words, it depends on how independent the woman is. Whats more, it has to be the kind of ideological independence plus economic independence. Why is the divorce rate so high now? Women want to clear, live to understand, why do they have to be so aggrieved? Open one eye and close one eye as if it didnt happen? No way!


Therefore, even if Zhang Yida has a big stomach, he still insists on divorce. The babys your own, husband? Who wants to take it!