For the rest of his life, the most advanced show off Wealth: no disease in the body, nothing in the heart, no complaint in the eyes

 For the rest of his life, the most advanced show off Wealth: no disease in the body, nothing in the heart, no complaint in the eyes

In this world, no one can escape the confusion of the first year of his life, so he has to shoulder the burden of his 40th birthday. When he knows the destiny of heaven, he finally understands what is most important to live a lifetime.

Once upon a time, I thought happiness was: enough money, unlimited happiness, decent life.

Only after half a life can we understand that: no pain of disease, no too much worry, no boundless resentment, is better than wealth.

Health is the first condition of happiness

I have read a sentence and quite agree with it

When people are awake, all problems are problems. When people are seriously ill, it is probably only where pain is the real problem.

A few days ago, Wu Yanzu, 46, sent a long micro blog, which attracted the attention of the whole network.

He quipped in micro-blog: is there a big chance of appendicitis two times? Should we buy a lottery ticket?

Although its a joke, he was hospitalized with appendicitis as early as March last year. He was unable to eat because of his illness. He lost 18 pounds and nearly killed himself.

On the last day of last year, he also sent an article to warn people: dont take health for granted, because without health, you will have nothing.

in truth. We always want too much when we are young. When the physical quality is gone, we suddenly realize that only good health is the place of happiness.

There is a profound sentence in the cartoon everyday: every ordinary day we live may be a miracle that happens continuously.

When I was young, I always thought that the years were long. When I was young, I used my life to exchange for material wealth. I didnt want to catch those things until I was old. Naturally, it was too late.

Even Li Jiaqi, who broadcast 389 live broadcasts a year and hardly breaks, has stopped broadcasting for many times this year due to illness.

Even if the dedication to the extreme, in the face of illness, also have to bow.

Some people have summed up the happiest moment of life into seven words:

On reflection, all this should be:

In the second half of life, the powerful beating of heart is more important than making money with overload;

More precious than staying up late to have fun is to see the beauty of the world clearly;

Whats happier than being rich is that your body is intact.

Eating on time, going to bed early, getting up early, exercising regularly and controlling emotions are probably the best gifts for the rest of your life.

If you have nothing to do in your heart, your spirit will be richer

In the summer of kijiro, there is a line:

People will grow old, life will force us to become adults, abandon the immature, become stable. And you will find that you cant go back to your former self. Its a good thing to have a childlike innocence.

The essence of childlike innocence is to let go of all the troubles and embrace the beauty around us.

I have heard the story of a distant relative, but I still feel sorry for a long time.

Many years ago, a relatives husband was paralyzed in bed because of an accident. Since then, she has to bear all the expenses of the whole family.

At the same time, she has to support her husbands medical expenses.

Every afternoon as soon as she got off work, she immediately rode home, washed and cooked, helped her husband change his clothes, and cleaned up the corners of the house.

Many people admire her in such a difficult pace of life, but also have the heart to take care of the home meticulous and thoughtful.

Sometimes at night, after watching her husband fall asleep, she will make a cup of tea for herself, blowing the evening wind and feeling a moment of peace of mind.

Although I am tired, I can at least leave a little time for myself occasionally. At least my husband is getting better every day. At least the childrens studies are smooth, and at least there is hope in life. Its enough to live with hope.

Whenever I recall her optimistic look, I can always remember a sentence written by Jia Pingwa

A persons life is either bitter or happy, gain or lose. What matters is that the moon cannot be absent from a clear spring in my heart.

Live too tired, the root is just too deep obsession, too much thinking.

Some people say that peoples troubles often come from three things: their own affairs, others affairs and Gods affairs.

And people who live through life can not entangle themselves in their own affairs, do not interfere in other peoples affairs, and do not worry about Gods affairs.

Those who have a mind are tired, but those who do not care.

Just as the old saying goes: one thought is persistent, all is helpless; one thought is put down, everything is at ease.

Only when there is no complaint in your eyes can you see the truth of life

I often hear friends say that with the growth of age, I like light food more and more, simple interpersonal relationship, no longer full of resentment, more willing to face the changes of life, laugh at life.

Maybe this is the tenderness that time brings to everyone.

This is the case of father Lin in the case of Hangzhou nanny arson. After three years, he stepped out of the pain and put down his resentment day by day.

He changed his microblog name from wife and children in heaven to his real name Lin Shengbin. After losing his beloved, he still treats people in the world with his missing for his wife and children.

It seems that all this is in line with the old saying: the world kisses me with pain, but I repay it with song.

Not long ago, father Lin wrote on his microblog:

There is always a time when everything is past. Sometimes when I look back at myself after the disaster, I find that there are cracks in everything. Thats where the light comes in. Your eyes can look up at the stars, but your feet should be down-to-earth.

Only those who have no complaint in their eyes can see the truth of life.

As the writer Marquez said:

Even when we are in a desperate situation and lose patience, we should always maintain a sense of humor and love life, which is the greatest wealth of our life.

A persons heart, to live in the broad; a persons eyes, to put down the sun.

Complain that things are not going well, it is better to try to give life a little buffer time, there will always be a day across the gully;

When complaining about the unfair fate, its better to try to see every corner of the world. No one can live easily;

When you complain about the bad world, youd better try to find the reason from yourself, and you can see more beauty.

After many years, I hope you and I can say with a smile:

Im young, Im down and down, Im happy, and Im passionate about life.

I like a passage in life

Life is always like this. We cant be satisfied with everything, but we still have to live with enthusiasm.

People live a lifetime, there are many things worth loving. Dont be discouraged because of one dissatisfaction.

In the following days, keep your body, let your heart return to zero and let go of resentment.

Click on looking, treat the world with tolerance and walk in the world with compassion.

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