There is a family tradition of not blaming when things happen

 There is a family tradition of not blaming when things happen

A few days ago, there was a chilling piece of news.

In Wuhan, a 14-year-old student was asked to play cards with his parents. After her mother arrived, she was angry, raised her hand and slapped her face.

He subconsciously blocked it with his hand, but his mother didnt calm her anger and continued to poke her son in the forehead.

After his mother left, he stood silent for two minutes, then suddenly climbed up the railing and jumped down.

Her mother should just want to teach her son a lesson, but she did not think it would lead to such a result. In the final analysis, she did not put her childs feelings in her heart.

Most of the time, we are always polite and generous to outsiders; we are always unscrupulous in dealing with our relatives. If we make a mistake, we will chase after them and refuse to be tolerant.

When a mistake occurs, if you just pour out your emotions and dont think that the other party is actually remorse and remorse. The result will only add fuel to the fire and will not help solve the problem.

The best family tradition is not to blame.

Some people say that happy families are similar, and each unhappy family has its own misfortune.

There are always mistakes in life. In the unfortunate family, they always choose to criticize and criticize blindly, but they dont know that home is a place for love, and love is more important than reason.

When Eileen Chang recalled her mother, she always thought of an angry face.

Her mother is moody and often growls at people when she is angry.

When Zhang Ailing was ill, her mother had to pay medical expenses and take care of her. Her mother often yelled impatiently, anyway, you live to harm people!

Zhang Ailings life was clouded by her mothers knife and mouth.

Liang Qichao had a happy marriage and his nine children got along well with each other, which was related to Liang Qichaos family management.

I was so depressed that I had to comfort my daughter Liang Qichao. I owe you to be 16th in 37 students. You dont have to worry, you just need to work hard.

There is no condescending, no beating and scolding, just encouragement, just trust, just respect.

Under the influence of such a good family atmosphere, Liang Qichaos nine children have made extraordinary achievements, which can be described as one school of three academicians, nine sons and daughters are all talented..

The most important and precious thing in a family is not the right or wrong for a moment, but the true feelings.

I still remember that there was a fire that attracted the attention of the whole network before:

A fire broke out in a residential area in Guiyang. The scene video shows that the fire room is fierce, and the smoke is directly directed to the house on the roof.

Fire control in time to control the fire, but the whole house is also a mess, cracks in the wall, the door is charred, the bed is only skeleton.

The head of the household, Ms. Meng, said that she used a hair dryer to blow the bed sheet, and the child began to cry. She put down the hair dryer to put on the childrens pants. Then the hair dryer exploded, igniting the pillow at the head of the bed

Ms. Meng is very sad and self reproached. The most admirable is her husband. He said, its just a house. Its a big deal to renovate it. Its equivalent to living in a new house.

Most netizens said that Ms. Meng married the right person.

Life is bound to be bumpy and bumpy. The reaction before difficulties is often the touchstone of husband and wifes feelings. The husbands behavior, a good interpretation of the husband and wife get along with wisdom.

It is an established fact that no one wants to make mistakes. No matter how much blame is made, it can not be retrieved. It is important to know how to avoid making the same mistake again.

If you dont blame and forgive when you are in trouble, that is the preservative of relationship, and your feelings can be more profound and lasting.

As the saying goes:

A happy family is more tolerant and less accusing; more understanding and less abusive will lead to natural harmony and happiness.

Many people have tried their best to find a place of geomantic omen to protect the health of their families, the harmony of husband and wife, and the full house of children and grandchildren.

In fact, the best geomantic omen of a family lies not in rich clothes and rich wealth, but in not blaming and getting along with each other harmoniously.

Click on it. When a family is harmonious and harmonious, it will naturally grow up.

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