When getting along with each other, if these four kinds of situations often appear, men will not want to communicate with you more and more

 When getting along with each other, if these four kinds of situations often appear, men will not want to communicate with you more and more

Indeed, these words do look and sound like bullshit..

If couples or couples eliminate all the nonsense, I am afraid that the content of the chat can only be some big things.

How much salary did you pay last month? Where is the next house to buy? We only have 200000. What kind of car do you want to buy?

We are ordinary people, maybe we can only afford a house in our life, maybe we can only change the car until it is scrapped.

If you cant say nonsense while chatting, Im afraid there will be no chance for them to talk at home.

No wonder Wang Zhiwen, who was still single at the age of 40, said: the girl he is looking for is a person who can chat with him anytime, anywhere.

This sentence seems simple, but it is not simple at all, even difficult.

In real life, there are many men who feel the same way with Wang Zhiwen, but different from Wang Zhiwen, most of them have girlfriends or wives.

Most men, however, feel that their partner doesnt meet the chat anywhere standard.


Why do men find their partner boring?

She is perfunctory when he talks long

He is looking forward to the womans reply, feeling the same emotion as him, excited, happy, happy and excited.

But in fact, when a man wrote a large paragraph to the girl, he got a reply: Oh, OK, I got it. I got it. Thank you.

At this time, the man just lit the fire, immediately by a basin of ice water.

If there are more such things between two people, men naturally have no idea and impulse to chat with their women.

And when women are eager to communicate with men, they often encounter the rejection of men.

Women always have no resistance to cute expression bags. If you send one or two to your partner occasionally, men may find women cute and childish.

However, if two peoples chat records, the woman uses the expression bag, then the man said seriously, will think that the woman did not respect him.

A few expression bags are icing on the cake, so that men can feel the little girl living in a womans heart through the cute expression bag.

With more facial expressions, a man will feel that he is perfunctory when he is chatting with him. She doesnt care what he says, and then he thinks a lot.

For example, she doesnt care about me, she doesnt love me, she doesnt feel for me, etc.

3. He is wife stone, but she is gone

When chatting on wechat, people who love you go to dinner, and they will tell you before eating and contact you after dinner.

At this time, the man like a wife stone in general with a mobile phone, but also failed to receive the other partys reply.

Even have to suspect that women must have learned the instant transfer method, the last second is still here, the next second has been the end of the world.

If the first three situations are barely acceptable to men, the fourth is the most maddening.

Whether it is perfunctory or facial expression package, chat no shadow or, at least also received the other partys reply.

The most unacceptable thing for a man is that she still sees her circle of friends one second, but she doesnt reply to her wechat the next.

Clearly see her in praise of other peoples friends, their message is like a stone sink into the sea, no water spray.

This chat mode, I believe no man can accept.

Here, a man gives a woman the feeling that Ive been there all the time, while a woman gives a man the feeling that she has set up an automatic shielding function for him.

Its not that she didnt see his message, she just pretended not to see his name.


If you want to have a pleasant chat with a man, some women cant get the gist all the time. Their original intention is good, but it turns out to be the opposite.

The more you want to close the relationship with men, the more alienated, indifferent and indifferent.

Women cant help but doubt that men always say its boring to chat with themselves. What does he want?

What men want is very simple. In a word, they want to get emotional value in chatting.

What is emotional value?

Emotional value is: through the expression of their own emotions, we can make ourselves and the other party produce the same frequency resonance at the same time, enhance the two peoples feelings, and make them more intimate, stronger and more seamless.

For example: its also fried by my boyfriend

A: Honey, youre too hard. You look good to eat!

B: Youre all fried up.

A: I can understand your mood. It doesnt matter. Im always by your side.

A: Good taste. The clothes match your temperament

A makes people feel more comfortable. She can grasp the mood of the other party at the moment, and what she says is in line with his mood at the moment.

As for B, in addition to giving people the feeling of brain water, will also think that her brain is raising goldfish.

In the process of chatting, how can women enhance their emotional value?

There is no such thing as empathy.

No matter how close the relationship is, the pain and suffering that happens to one person cant be realized by another person.

All we can do is identify emotionally.

As an adult, what he wants to hear is not truth, because he knows all the truth, which may be more comprehensive than that of a girl.

What men want is the affirmation, identification and company of their partners.

If company is a luxury, wechat voice call is OK.

The last choice is words.

The Chinese characters are extensive and profound. Different pronunciations may have different meanings for the same sentence.

When a man gets the emotional value he wants from a woman, he is naturally willing to chat with the woman.

Just like we will have some friends around us, who are willing to talk at night by candlelight, and who are not willing to talk half a word.

If you think about it, you will know why and what the skills are.

2. Find the right way to chat

There must be at least two people to chat, so one cant talk all the time and one cant listen all the time.

Chatting needs interaction, communication, time and opportunity for each other to talk and listen.

Dont take the chat as your own special occasion. You dont give the other party a chance to speak at all. You can talk from the beginning to the end.

Secondly, men hate to be complained, accused, questioned and disappointed when chatting. All words can be expressed in a different way.

If you want to go into a mans heart and be recognized, loved and recognized by him, women should learn the technology and art of chatting.

Finally, belittling others and improving yourself is also a big taboo in chatting.

No matter who the derogatory person is, in the moment that the words are spoken, they are belittling themselves.

Women should not belittle who to promote men, and speak ill of others behind their backs.

3. Constantly improve yourself

Womens self-improvement includes several parts:

For women, this is a lifetime can not give up.

When you dont know how to chat with a man, at least sitting quietly beside him provides him with a kind of beautiful enjoyment.

u2461 Inner: soul and body, there must be one on the way.

If women only have external image, then they will become vases after a long time.

Reading more, going to different places and cities, meeting more people and seeing more scenery will make womens temperament and charm completely different.

The satisfaction provided by chatting for men is an apparent effect, and in fact, it is the women themselves who ultimately benefit from it.

When a man and you chat become interesting and interesting, the relationship gets better and closer.

When you can meet all his needs in love and marriage, he will not give himself the opportunity to betray his lover or marriage.

Do you have any tips on how to chat with the opposite sex??

Looking forward to your message

The author Shi Qian, a marriage and family consultant, has completed Gottmans marriage and family counseling course (Level 1), long-term study of emotional focus therapy (EFT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and has focused on the field of marriage and family counseling and treatment for five years. Firmly believe that love is a kind of ability that can be learned, and willing to accompany every one of you with love and kindness.