Is it a deep love? The last straw that overwhelms the grandsons green sepals is not Yang Guo

 Is it a deep love? The last straw that overwhelms the grandsons green sepals is not Yang Guo




Yang Guos eloquence, that is, even the birds in the tree are coaxed down. And almost no one has seen the public grandson green sepals, he said one by one, like falling clouds. The result of the total decline is the love of the man outside the valley. But it is so lovely that her father is going to marry the bride, the future mother of the grandson green sepals, is Yang Guos master and lover, Xiaolongnv. Why is the love of the public grandson green sepals? But her first reaction was: try to make a whole YangGuo and Xiaolongnv, and persuade Gongsun to stop giving up her marriage.


Gongsun green calyx finally chose to commit suicide and died in front of Yang Guo. Is it true that she is dying for love? This is only one aspect, but it is not the last straw that overcame Gongsuns green calyx. Qiu Qianchi and Gongsun Zhi take the detoxifying heartless pill as a threat. Either forcing Xiao Longnv to marry, or forcing Yang Guo to give up. At last, Gongsun green calyx finally saw his parents sinister faces. The husband and wife, who should have loved each other, calculated hard in this way. Its just a matter of calculation, and the innocent daughter will be dragged into the water.


Seeing the love pill is not available, Xiaolongnv and Yang Guo bear the poison of love flowers. The more emotional, the more heart is, the more miserable death, although these are not because of the grandfather green sepals. But its more or less relevant, and her parents are the initiator. Moreover, the grandson also forced Yang Guo to take the order of her life. In front of me is the man I love deeply. The man who has a knife behind him threatens his life is his father. The grandson green sepals were desperate, and she chose to die to end all this mischievous. Knowing that it doesnt make sense, at least she gets the peace of eternity.


Love is not long-lived, wisdom will be hurt - the ancients, I am not sincere