Love is not long? The last straw that overcame Gongsuns green calyx was not Yang Guo

 Love is not long? The last straw that overcame Gongsuns green calyx was not Yang Guo


Originally, gongsunzhi and XiaoLongNu met once in a blue moon. XiaoLongNu was rescued by gongsunzhi and returned to the heartless valley. Whats rare is that this man didnt do anything more than that. He may be too confident, see this Liu girl silly. It was easy to get her trust. So, take your time. And XiaoLongNu agreed to marry gongsunzhi? She put on a festive red coat, but how to see how sad ah. If Yang Guo doesnt come, your wife will become someone elses! most urgent!

In this case, you must see the green calyx of Gongsun. Especially, you know that her mother is Qiu Qianchi and her father is after Gongsun Zhi. The Dragon bears the dragon and the Phoenix begets the Phoenix. The mouse son can make holes. How come to Gongsun green calyx? Its not the same thing at all. Look at Jin Yongs description of her: her eyebrows are elegant, her skin color is white and red, she is very delicate, her eyes are clear, and there is a small mole on her mouth, which makes her more beautiful. But she is elegant and refined, and has a spirit of pure spirit. Its not particularly amazing, but it must be pretty.


Yang Guos eloquence was so eloquent that even the birds on the tree were coaxed down. But he had hardly seen the public sun green calyx, which he described as falling into the clouds. The result of total depravation is the love for the man outside the valley. But it is so lovely that the bride her father wants to marry, that is, the future stepmother of Gongsun green calyx, turns out to be Yang Guos master and Yang Guos lover XiaoLongNu. Why is Gongsun green calyx in love? But her first reaction was to try every means to make Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu a success and persuade Gongsun Zhi to give up marriage.


Gongsun green calyx finally chose to commit suicide and died in front of Yang Guo. Is it true that she is dying for love? This is only one aspect, but it is not the last straw that overcame Gongsuns green calyx. Qiu Qianchi and Gongsun Zhi take the detoxifying heartless pill as a threat. Either forcing Xiao Longnv to marry, or forcing Yang Guo to give up. At last, Gongsun green calyx finally saw his parents sinister faces. The husband and wife, who should have loved each other, calculated hard in this way. Its just a matter of calculation, and the innocent daughter will be dragged into the water.


Seeing that the heartless Dan is not available, Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo both endure the poison of love flowers. The more emotional, the more attentive, the more miserable the death, although not because of Gongsun green calyx. But its more or less related, and her parents are the first ones. Moreover, Gongsun Zhi forced Yang Guo to submit with her life. In front of him is the man he loves deeply, and the father who threatens his life with a knife behind him. Gongsun green calyx is in despair. She chooses to die to end all this nonsense. Knowing it was meaningless, but at least she got eternal peace.