China Mobiles 4G network coverage in administrative villages has exceeded 98percent

 China Mobiles 4G network coverage in administrative villages has exceeded 98percent

According to Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, in recent years, China Mobile has continued to explore and innovate the network plus poverty alleviation mode based on the network poverty alleviation as the main line, strengthening the guarantee of organization, funds and talents, and combining the advantages of network and information technology with poverty alleviation fields such as education, consumption, health, industry, etc., and has promoted various poverty alleviation work to achieve remarkable results.

It is understood that over the years, China Mobile has successively undertaken targeted poverty alleviation tasks in six counties, including aketao county and Shule County in Xinjiang, counterpart support tasks in two counties, including Gaize County in Tibet and Maqin County in Qinghai Province, and designated assistance tasks in 1803 counties, townships and villages arranged by the local government. By 2020, more than 100 counties have been lifted out of poverty, and by 2020, more than 100 counties have been lifted out of poverty.

At the same time, China Mobile customized and launched a large preferential poverty alleviation package for the poor, benefiting more than 13.4 million poverty-stricken households with filing and filing cards, and the accumulated profits exceeded 2.6 billion yuan. We supported the rapid promotion of the China social poverty alleviation network of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, provided 1.34 million general flow packages, and reduced costs by more than 33 million yuan. For two consecutive years, China Internet development foundation has cooperated with China Internet development foundation to donate bilingual mobile phones, providing a tariff discount of more than 13 million yuan.

My tiktok account has 48 fans. Sinacili, a 58 year old villager from Shusong village, benzilan Town, Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, told reporters that in the past, communication conditions in the mountains were very poor, but now high-speed broadband network has been connected in the mountains. In recent years, the family has used the preferential package of China Mobile. The three mobile phone numbers have enough time for meals, sufficient Internet traffic, more than 150 yuan per month, and 300 m optical fiber broadband is also provided. It is very convenient for children to have online classes, adults to watch videos, to check information online, and to develop e-commerce.

Source: Xinhua news agency editor in charge: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054