Tragic! Azerbaijani troops were heavily bombed as they withdrew, and soldiers were targeted by missiles and blasted to ashes

 Tragic! Azerbaijani troops were heavily bombed as they withdrew, and soldiers were targeted by missiles and blasted to ashes

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Military trucks on the streets of Azerbaijan (Reuters)

Overseas network, September 28 (Xinhua) according to the Arab News Network reported on the 28th, the Armenian ambassador to Russia said that Turkey has sent about 4000 soldiers to Azerbaijan from northern Syria, and will assist the Arab side in fighting with Armenian.

According to the Xinhua News Agency earlier, a new round of conflict broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian in the Naka region on the 27th, with both sides accusing the other party of violating the cease-fire agreement and taking the lead in launching military attacks.

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Naka region is located in the southwest of Azerbaijan, and its residents are mostly Armenian. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a war broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian in order to fight for Naka, and Armenian occupied part of the territory originally belonging to Azerbaijan around Naka. In 1994, Azerbaijan and Armenian reached an agreement on a comprehensive cease-fire, but the two countries have been in a state of hostility over the Naka issue, and armed conflicts between the two countries have occurred from time to time.

90 seconds review of the Armenian Azerbaijani conflict 48 hours: both sides sent out heavy weapons to destroy tanks, 100 soldiers died (source: video synthesis)

Three generations of grandsons and grandsons went to the battlefield for help. Why didnt Russia fight

After a relatively short period of high-intensity confrontation, it quickly stopped fighting and left us a modest three-day war and week war at the end of the chaotic 2020. On the contrary, the Armenian army and the Azerbaijani army, on the contrary, have basically made great efforts in the confrontation over the past seven days. They have not only refused to give in politically, but also displayed a posture of never dying in military affairs, which makes people wonder: the military strength of the Soviet military system is really bloody.

Lets start with Armenian and the army of the Republic of Nagorny Karabakh. Although, according to the statement of the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani army is carrying out campaign attacks on Nagorny Karabakh region in at least four directions these days, and campaign progress has been made in the main and secondary attack directions. However, from the perspective of open source information, it can be seen that the Armenian army and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Army (in fact, the Armenian Army) have not fallen far behind. They are still relying on favorable terrain and established positions to carry out resolute resistance, which makes the Azerbaijian army make little progress in the offensive.

Azerbaijan destroyed Armenian hail Rockets in the Naka region

The tanks and infantry combat vehicles destroyed by the Azerbaijani army are mainly the old t-72sim2 Aslan and BMP-2, and the most advanced t-90s main combat and BMP-3 infantry combat vehicles equipped by the Azerbaijani army have not yet seen destruction records;

Besides a large number of bayraktar TB-2 UAVs provided by Turkey, it is estimated that there are more small UAVs for suicide attack missions;

Bayraktar TB-2 UAV made in Turkey

In short, from the current public images and published news, Armenian troops have been very brave and tenacious in nagornokah region, and the second tier battle reserve mobilized from the capital, Yerevan, has been added.

The war situation on the Armenian side

Compared with the Armenian armys organized defense by relying on the existing positions, the Azerbaijani army has simply played UAV attack in recent days when the initial attack was frustrated. In view of the weakness of the Armenian armys lack of field air defense forces, or even the lack of short-range point defense system in the theater, the Azerbaijani army has used the unmanned attack in hand Aircraft and suicide drones launched a large number of attacks, trying to consume the high-value combat assets of the Armenian army.

According to the videos released by Azerbaijani during this period, the TB-2 UAV made in Turkey and the Harop cruise missile made by Israel used by the Afghan army covered most of the killing results of the Afghan army. They also hit a large number of Armenian t-72b / B3 tanks, BMP-1 / 2 infantry vehicles, and even some TB-2 UAVs penetrated into the depth of the second army regiment level defense area, against Armenian D-30 122 mm howitzer and bm-21 rocket launcher were bombed. Most absurdly, the TB-2 UAV even attacked an s-300pt air defense system (possibly a battalion level unit) deployed by the Armenian army in the depth of the theater. Although it did not destroy the 5p85-1 towed launch vehicle used by the s-300pt, it destroyed the battalions 5n63 fire control radar. Video can prove that this is probably the one week since the outbreak of the conflict The biggest result.

In a word, although the Azerbaijani army has not yet achieved the expected combat objectives, seized the key points of the campaign in Nagorno Karabakh area, and gathered and annihilated the Armenian army deployed in the area, the successful use of the reconnaissance and combat integrated UAV made the Azerbaijani army at least achieve the goal of blood consumption with the Armenian army. Under the circumstances that the overall strength of the Azerbaijani army is far greater than that of the Armenian army and the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh army, and more and more foreign support is received by Azerbaijan, if the conflict continues, the overall situation in the follow-up will turn to be unfavorable for the Armenian army, and the favorable conditions for the Azerbaijani army to organize the next campaign attack and achieve the expected operational objectives are also favorable It exists objectively.

Thanks to Turkeys support, Azerbaijan has an advantage

So, judging from the current situation of the confrontation between the two armies, how will this miniature modern war develop next, what is the overall battlefield situation of Armenian and Azerbaijani armies, and what tactics will be used next? According to Da Ivan, from the current overall situation analysis of the Asian and Afghan armies, although there are still some tactical advantages in Armenian forces, and the combat skills of units and the following units may also be better than those of Azerbaijan, but from the perspective of overall strategy, campaign progress and equipment logistics, Azerbaijan still has considerable advantages

Turkeys F-16 directly participates in the war

Lets first talk about the overall strategic level. It is needless to say that the overall strength of Azerbaijan has an overall advantage over that of Armenia. Now, Turkey, the helper behind Azerbaijan, has gradually become clear. It not only sent the F-16C / dblock50-52 in hand to directly participate in the offensive air control mission of Azerbaijan, but also provided a large number of inspections and attacks to Azerbaijan, which the Azerbaijani army is in urgent need Integrated UAV and suicide UAV. In addition, it is said that a large number of Syrian national army cannon fodder, which Turkey helped to gather from Syria, has also participated in the war. At present, photos of the corpses of the Syrian national army killed by Armenian troops have been spilled out on the Internet. Turkey is even more open to propaganda and public opinion in the world.

On the other hand, so far, no country has publicly supported it, and it has received very few relevant technical and tactical equipment. A few days ago, Armenian attempts to resort to the CIS security agreement and ask the Russian army to send troops for intervention have also failed. Therefore, in terms of overall evaluation, from the current overall strategic situation, the strategic advantages of Azerbaijan are very obvious.

And from the campaign level analysis, in the strategic position of Azerbaijan, and with the strong support from Turkey, Azerbaijan armys campaign target is more likely to eat the entire Naga area and ensure the strategic safety of Azerbaijans Ping Yuan, the essence of Azerbaijan.

Therefore, when the first stage of the attack was frustrated, the Azerbaijani army changed to use a large number of UAVs to participate in the war, targeting the Armenian armys heavy armored equipment or high-tech equipment, consuming the overall strength of the Armenian army, and weakening the defense capacity of the Armenian army. The most elite t-90s main battle tank and BMP-3 of the Azerbaijani army are also correct So far, infantry chariots have not appeared, which seems to indicate that the Azerbaijani army has not sent out the second echelon of fresh troops into the battlefield. Along with the continuation of the campaign, when the main battle tanks, infantry combat vehicles, howitzers and more valuable field air defense systems, which had not been in stock in Armenian, had been consumed to a certain extent, and the defense strength and mobile defense capability had been greatly reduced, the Azerbaijani army would then put in more sophisticated second echelons, carry out campaign breakthroughs, and make the Armenian army The total collapse of defense in Naka area, thus laying a victory at one stroke, is a high probability event from the current situation.

Finally, from the perspective of equipment and logistics, the most needed weapons and equipment for the Armenian army are ranked according to the priority, mainly including: field air defense system and supporting near air situation awareness system at the unit level, portable anti tank missile and portable air defense missile system, barrel type artillery and rocket gun attached to regiment level, main battle tank and infantry Combat vehicles, ammunition spare parts for all combat equipment, etc.

Through such a simple comparison, we can also see that the Armenian army is facing enormous difficulties in terms of equipment and logistics. The vast majority of urgently needed equipment and accessories cannot be obtained in time, which means that the more they fight, the less they will be; and with Turkeys support, the difficulties faced by the Azerbaijani army in terms of equipment and logistics may be effectively solved The equipment can be more and more, and as many as you want. Therefore, according to the overall evaluation, Dawan believes that although there are no major problems for the time being, the war situation has begun to face a crisis.

How should Armenian accept the recruitment?

Then, how should this war be fought for Azerbaijan and Armenian (mainly Armenian)? According to Da Ivan, although the EU, France and other parties have come forward to call for a cease-fire and make a statement that they can act as mediators for Asia and Afghanistan, Russias attitude is the most important thing for Armenia. After all, from the perspective of Turkey and Azerbaijan, the EUs restrictive effect on these two countries (especially Turkey, which does not know its vast territory) is very weak. Under the premise that the European countries are unable to restrict Turkeys pace, it is very unlikely to expect the EU to mediate the Asian Arab conflict. Therefore, if the Armenian government really wants to introduce a force with enough weight to restrict Azerbaijan, especially Turkey, the gold Lord behind it, there is no other choice but Russia.

Armenian Prime Minister pasinian

Of course, it is estimated that the calls from the Armenian side to Russia for help are about to explode. The reason why Russia has not yet taken action should be the following aspects:

1u3001 How much is Armenian willing to pay for Russias help? This is similar to the Belarusian incident not long ago. In the end, the Belarusian incident ended with Russias help. General shaoigu handed over to father Lu a map of the provinces of Belarus during the period of the Tsarist Empire, which disgusted father Lu. Whether or not Armenian would have the awareness of Belarus was a prerequisite;

2u3001 Is Russia willing to compromise with Turkey on Syria and other issues for the sake of Armenian national security and territorial integrity? Da Ivan thinks that this deal is worth doing for Russia. After all, Turkey, which is too inflated, dominates the Mediterranean coast and now extends its claws to the Caucasus mountains, is not a good news for Russia. It is in essence in Russias strategic interests to retain a Russian strategic fulcrum at the southern foot of the Caucasus mountains;

3u3001 Even if Russia is willing to support, according to Russias Convention in the surrounding areas in recent years, it often chooses the situation of the aided party, that is, when the total collapse and the situation is about to fall, it will intervene again, so as to get more strategic dividends and achieve the effect of sending charcoal in the snow. For Armenians, whether this practice is really to wait for the Azerbaijani army to occupy the Naka region in full and the Armenian army has been expelled from the Naka region before Russia chooses to take action. In fact, it is the biggest variable closely related to the national interests of Armenian.

Three generations of Armenian grandsons go to war

Therefore, after analyzing the gains and losses at the strategic level, Dawan believes that the most important issue for Armenian at present is to keep Nagorno Karabakh at all costs, which seems redundant. However, from the perspective of bottom line thinking, the Armenian army can no longer count on other big powers in the Azerbaijani army Before launching a general campaign attack on the Naka region, we should try to dissuade Azerbaijan from realizing a cease-fire. We can no longer expect other powers to help Azerbaijan spit out the land it has eaten after the Azerbaijani army has occupied the area.

As far as Armenian is concerned, all the current defensive campaign arrangements are very clear: it is necessary to reorganize the defense campaign layout relying on the mountainous terrain of Naka region, shrink the defense area according to the situation, and adjust the defense focus according to the situation; strengthen the field city building system, accelerate the construction of a large number of anti tank minefields in the direction of the most likely military breakthrough of the Azerbaijani army Semi permanent fire launching point, etc.

In terms of campaign law, the Armenian army must rely on the favorable terrain and established solid positions in the Naka area to carry out echelon resistance against the invading Azerbaijani army, and use the unit level armored assault force to carry out mobile defense, so as to weaken the attack wave of the Azerbaijani army and damage the armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani army, so as to make the war situation return To the equilibrium.

In terms of tactics and equipment, Dawan personally believes that for the Armenian army, on the premise that such brigade level field air defense equipment as 9m331 Tor-M1 or 9m311m pantsir-s1 can not be obtained for the time being, it seems to strengthen the tactical concealment camouflage of the troops, disperse the precious mechanized infantry and armored forces, and infantry units A large number of well camouflaged field city building systems are not a solution.

After all, what the Armenian army will face next is the general offensive of the Azerbaijani army, and the combat pressure will be very great. A tank and an armored vehicle are very valuable. If we really want to get any weapons and equipment from Russia, Dawan believes that we should not expect to get any large-scale combat equipment from Russia. It can be said that it is the best choice for the Armenian army to spend a small amount of money to do big things, such as getting some 9m133 short anti tank missiles, at most some individual rocket launchers and large caliber machine guns. After all, the core of defensive combat under field conditions is the defense of tanks. Anti tank equipment should be the top priority for Armenian army to defend the next campaign attack of Azerbaijani army.

In short, lets wish the Armenian army good luck and hope that the conflict between the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops will end soon.

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Azerbaijani forces were heavily bombed as they retreated