Stop showing your ankles! This autumn, exposed socks is the king

 Stop showing your ankles! This autumn, exposed socks is the king

1u3001 Mesh socks

Almost every girls wardrobe can not do without the existence of conjoined socks. However, compared with the slightly tacky black stockings, the style of mesh socks is more personalized and trendy. Its lightweight mesh texture, combined with the hollowed out grid elements, can create a cool and handsome style that is not conspicuous, but also has a little bit of sexiness. It is just right to wear it in early autumn. For example, Meng Meiqi chose a mesh sock for her body shape, which was matched with a pink suit and skirt. The whole look was very sweet and could highlight the playful girlish feeling.

If you are worried that the mesh socks are too thin to wear when it is a little cold, you can also choose to match them with short boots or medium boots, which will not completely block the style of socks, but also have a certain effect of keeping warm. However, in order to make the style and color more unified, it is better to choose two pieces with the same color, which will not make mistakes, or rely on the visual extension of the same tone Lengthen the legs. For example, Yang Mi wears a pair of black mesh socks and short black leather boots to show her superior leg shape without reservation, which is full of sexiness.

2u3001 Stockings

No matter how long in the past, high hose is still popular in the fashion circle. Its close fitting shape and highly resilient fabric can achieve obvious thin effect on the upper body. Moreover, the length of high hose generally covers the knee position, which not only has good thermal performance, but also can solve the problems of leg bending and leg fat. Ni Ni used to shoot magazine modeling through high hose. The vertical striped jacquard elements on the socks can bring a vertical visual sense and further lengthen the leg lines. Wearing a pink woolen coat, she has both elegance and nobility.

It must be that girls with short legs want to make their legs look longer when they are dressed. At this time, they can use the combination of high socks + pointed shoes to design a tight silhouette and deal with the V-shaped toe cap to visually connect the feet and legs naturally, so that the slender and delicate feet will make the legs more slender and perfect. For example, Song Xi chooses this style. With high-end socks covering the thigh position and pointed high-heeled leather boots, the leg length can be changed by two meters in an instant. It only needs to be matched with a short type of dress, and the perfect proportion is easy to get!

3u3001 Sports socks

Generally speaking, if your leg shape is not thin enough, it is better to avoid the style that can cover the position of the calf when selecting sports socks. It is easy to make the legs fat. It is more recommended to start with the middle hose with the length of 4-5cm above the ankle, which is more thin and higher. If you are a girl with perfect leg shape, you naturally do not need to pay attention to these. For example, Li Qin directly selected a length over the calves of the sports hose, with low-heeled short boots, cool with a little sweet.

3u3001 Pile up socks

Girls who have a special preference for Japanese street style can also try to wear pile socks. There is no fixed category for their length, but the overall shape is relatively loose, and the legs can form a state of fold accumulation, which can not only make the shape more three-dimensional, but also more special than other socks. For example, he Sui wears a pair of stacked socks and plaid shirt with a size larger, which is full of languid atmosphere.

Stop showing your ankles! This autumn, dew socks is the king, Yang Mi he Sui also wear it. Open ankles may be high, but the bare socks can be worn to a greater extent to modify the leg shape, but also can bring good thermal effect, so that you can still be out of the street this autumn.

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