Simple and casual wear in early autumn is not influenced by fashion, comfortable and durable

 Simple and casual wear in early autumn is not influenced by fashion, comfortable and durable

Basic and versatile sanitary clothes do not need to consider too much, can go out with jeans, Capris, simple daily, suitable for all kinds of body. Compared with printing and lettering, the simple solid color model does not choose the age, the style is changeable, and it has super plasticity, and the upper body is more atmospheric. For girls who like minimalist style, classic black, white and grey are the first choice. They are simple, comfortable and durable with basic colors.

Although the sweater is very popular every year, there will be no big changes in the pattern. At this time, we can consider breaking through from the color and details, adding the stripe element, which is more hierarchical than the solid color model, and not as eye-catching as the printed version. It is comfortable and unobtrusive. When its cool, fold a T-shirt or a bottoming shirt to reveal a little neckline and hem. A small color contrast breaks the monotony and dullness, which can have a decorative effect and make the simple and casual wear more fashionable.

Its autumn. The soft T-shirt has two kinds of temperament of leisure literature and art. Calm navy blue, light smoke purple, low-key olive green, with warm cream white, sweet and elegant, full of high-level sense, slightly heavy twist sweater with light material ribbon shirt, tie the hem into the bottom, lazy and not cumbersome, can ease the sense of bloated vision, with a pair of white canvas Shoes, the harmonious unity of color, easy to highlight the taste and texture of wear.

Casual wear is natural and free and easy, but it doesnt mean that you can wear it willfully. You should pay attention to the style and pattern, which is not cumbersome, and the color matching is harmonious and not abrupt. You can wear a natural and unadorned sense of relaxation only if you are suitable for yourself. Like the earth color in autumn, you can easily wear a high-level feeling with the cool white. You can wear leather clothes, suit concave modeling, and comfortable canvas shoes, so you can enjoy leisure u3002

Simple and casual wear is not influenced by fashion. Loose style can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The combination of items of the same color and different materials will not only bring us a comfortable visual feeling, but also make people feel that it has a sense of quality.

Loose and lazy sweater and coat, through the combination of width at the top and narrow at the bottom, is lazy and does not procrastinate. You can wear the right elegance and look thin visually. In autumn, you can choose the skirt with dark color, and you can wear it with pantyhose of the same color when cooling down, which is fashionable and warm.

The loose silhouette suit is both casual and formal. The straight and straight shape has a good effect of covering meat and showing thin. The design with shoulder pad can modify the shoulder line, outline the good-looking right angle shoulder, and strengthen the atmosphere. Plaid elements are full of retro atmosphere in leisure. With pleated skirt and canvas shoes, it is full of artistic style. In late autumn, you should keep warm enough, choose woolen cloth or corduroy material, and you can have both style and temperature.

The dress is made of corduroy with a strong sense of autumn. The upper body is warm and comfortable. It is classic black, elegant camel and chocolate brown. It is not limited by the trend and age. In early autumn, it can be worn with sweater, knitwear, suede shirt, lefook shoes and Martin boots.

Simple and comfortable early autumn wear, loose and lazy, not bound, suitable for their own is the best.