Women less than 158 should wear less of these pants

 Women less than 158 should wear less of these pants

In addition, the floor pants are very loose. If a small woman cant afford such a long trousers, it will make the whole trousers look too fluffy. Although you cant see the overall leg line, the bottom half of your body will look very thick with too large a proportion of the lower body, which will make the clothes cheap Its fat, so mops are a piece that small women cant wear!

Lightning protection 1. Striped T-shirt + mops

The Striped T-shirt will not only widen our upper body area visually, but also make your upper body look strong and your lower body look short after matching with long mop pants. Even if small women with high heels, but also can not remedy the overall shape of the fat effect. This kind of typical wrong collocation is often made by short women in summer. The wrong choice of trousers will greatly shorten the proportion effect of your body, and it will make you lose taste instantly!

Lightning protection 2. Knitwear + mops

2u3001 Capris

Women on the high side can use Capri pants to create the body proportion effect of Sanqi, while sisters less than 158 in height have shorter leg lines, and Jiufen pants can also create a shorter leg visual effect. Even with high-heeled shoes, it can not make up for the lack of overall body proportion. If it is matched with a long coat, it will make the legs look shorter.

Lightning protection 1. Base coat + Capris

The bottoming shirt in autumn is generally slim, and it will form a tight effect when it is matched with the Capris. This kind of dress requires a very high figure. If you are fat and short, the whole person will look thick and fat. Capris and wide leg pants shorten the curve of your lower body and enlarge the defect of your height. It is inevitable to wear beautiful clothes.

Lightening 2. Loose shirt + Capris

The loose fit of a long shirt and cropped pants is classic, but it makes small women look shorter legs. Loose white shirt is a kind of lazy and simple style. The length of the general hem will cover the buttocks, and the Capri pants will make the leg shape shorter. With the covering effect of the shirt, the leg lines will only be left on the legs and thighs. The effect of modeling will look long at the top and short at the bottom, which is more short!

3u3001 Leggings

I dont know how many years ago underpants have been out of fashion. Sisters should never wear them again. In autumn and winter, bottoming pants are usually used as long skirts or long coats, but these tight pants will expose our leg defects. Small women with irregular legs or thick legs will not only appear thicker and shorter, but also make your overall dressing temperament disappear.

Its easier to step on thunder with some colored leggings. If the color matching of single item is too abrupt, color Leggings will make you look cheap and vulgar. The most important thing is that Leggings tend to make the legs appear short and fat. Women less than 158 are most likely to appear short and fat.

Lightning protection 1. Leggings + hip skirt

Are you still folding a long coat with a hip skirt and bottoming pants? This kind of wearing method will cover up the leg curve to a great extent. Secondly, the style selection of Leggings is very important. If it is too thin, it is easy to catch cold, if it is too thick, it is easy to show the thick leg, which makes the small women less than 158 in height in a dilemma. Long coat for the body of the covering effect is very strong, short stature of women wearing it is difficult to control.

Lightning protection 2. Nylon sweater + Leggings

Although the style of nylon sweater and leggings with shorter version is fashionable, it requires a higher figure. This is similar to the missing summer summer clothes, for womens leg shape requirements are very high. A long dress cant cover the legs, but its easy to expose leg defects. Its easy to make your legs look thick and short with long boots and short boots.

Short woman, the above three trousers must be less worn, otherwise show short and temperament!