This Japanese blogger can be called a model for a small man!

 This Japanese blogger can be called a model for a small man!

Compared with the sense of design or fashion, elegant women pay more attention to the texture of the single, that is, whether the material of the single is comfortable and dignified. The fabric texture of the single can not only improve womens dressing taste, but also improve the reuse rate. It is very practical to wear more than one garment.

Beige short knitted cardigan is loose in shape, combined with soft color and texture knitted fabric, which can reduce the age but not have a sense of disobedience. It is matched with black leggings and is loose at the top and bottom to modify the leg shape.

Knitted fabrics originally give a gentle style, combined with light color system to further restore the original texture of knitted fabrics, in foil female noble temperament effect is remarkable.

The neckline design of this grey purple loose knit shirt is full of design sense. It is combined with a black print umbrella skirt to add a bit of femininity. The small white shoes are gentle and casual.

In fact, the visual effect of knitwear has a lot to do with the shape of the sweater. The basic type of T-shirt is low-key but has texture, while the lower hem of the middle profile T-shirt adopts the method of high front and low back, which is not only fashionable and casual, but also has less restrictions on the body. It is more comfortable and comfortable to match with wide leg floor dragging pants.

The elements and color system should not be used too much for a small man to wear in autumn. After all, various pieces or elements can not improve the temperament, but will blur the key points of clothing, making the wearing more complicated.

This bloggers autumn wear items and methods are relatively fixed, and most of the colors are controlled in three or below. It is visually clear, but not monotonous. The layering skills enhance the sense of hierarchy.

The style of blue gray long open breasted coat is simple but not simple. It can be folded into gray half high collar, and the black leg pants can be used to modify the leg shape, which makes the leg shape more slim under the silhouette coat. The basic piece combined with simple color makes her look more decent and generous, and basically wont make mistakes.

For the long coat, the bloggers wearing method is very fixed. They all use coat + half high collar or high collar knitwear + small leg pants, which not only ensures the simplicity and convenience of wearing in autumn, but also can form a personal style with great texture. Drawing inferences from other examples for a week, it is of great reference value to the people who pursue simple texture.

The dark grey plaid coat adopts the silhouette version, and the loose style has almost no restriction on the body. At the same time, through the refreshing and clear folding, the small person will not be pressed when wearing the long coat, but it will be scattered and orderly.

When wearing a long silhouette coat, bloggers often give priority to the combination of small leg pants, while when wearing long windbreaker, bloggers give priority to High Waist Wide Leg mopping pants. Compared with the small legged pants with modified leg shape, the wide leg floor trousers with drooping texture should be more natural and straightforward.

Its a wide, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long waistline.

Because the trousers are very large, it is easy to wear a skirt, which is visual. It can be used as a long coat with a miracle of folding back, adding a bit of lightness and elegance. It should be noted that the color matching of coat and wide leg pants should be coordinated and natural. This Khaki long overcoat is overlapped with a black half high collar T-shirt. The color is low-key and introverted, while the Khaki wide leg trousers and the coat form the same color look, which is harmonious in color and has autumn meaning.

If you want to wear fashionable and appropriate, you dont need to show height and weight. For example, this blogger pays attention to the texture and collocation of single items, and can still wear a pleasing and own style. What do you think?

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