On the street fork, on the bus, the TIGI yuan is a tiger.

 On the street fork, on the bus, the TIGI yuan is a tiger.

The light Lo skirt has realized the princess dream of countless girls in their childhood.

The history of Lo skirts can be traced back to the neon of the 1970s


The name is Yang on the surface, but Japanese on the actual,

Why did the Japanese wear doll skirts?

As early as the 1970s, milk, the first Lolita brand, was founded in Tokyo.

At that time, the skirt was not fully mature today, and even Lolita was not named. However, because it was often included in olive magazine, it was called olive girls.

In the 1990s, Tokyo Harajuku Street trend culture broke out, Lolita, as one of the Japanese Kawaii culture styles, ushered in the first wave of upsurge.

As to why this kind of dress is called Lolita, there are many opinions.

Some said it was the name given by the magazine pop correspondence, and some said that it was because in 1997, the French novel Lolita was remade into a film in the United States. The film has become popular in Japan, causing a trend of retro fashion. Lolitas name has also been extended to the pronoun of young cute girls. Therefore, this kind of improved dress was named Lolita style instead of her name.

Close to the traditional European clothing is the classic style. There are many kinds of European clothing. When walking in the simple style, they are beautiful rural girls, and in court style, they are noble ladies with full bearing.

The third style is the mysterious Gothic style. Because it often involves major themes such as life and religion, it will use cold-blooded materials such as cross, bat and scepter. The color is also monochromatic like black and white, which gives people a feeling of coldness, beauty and charm.

In addition to determining the three styles of the lo circle, in order to improve the overall shape, the Sakura Lo ladies also selected a lot of matching equipment: hats (or headwear), wigs, shirts, elastic bands, sleeves, skirt supports, socks, shoes, umbrellas and bags, etc.

Tea party is a gathering of famous ladies in lo circle. Generally, admission is charged. Everyone will dress up and put on tea party clothes to strive to become the most dazzling child at the party.


From the Japanese minority to the global breaking circle,

Its these people who did it

At this stage, we are more familiar with the face should be Japanese Luo Niang president Aoki Meisha. She joined the lo circle in 1999 as a Lolita model in the magazine to promote Lolita culture. She was the boss of Lo circle when she was young.

In Japan, in order to let the wild luoniangs have their own organizations, Aoki Meisha established the Japanese Lolita Association.

Externally, she is also the Kawaii Ambassador appointed by neon ZF, selling the Lolita culture Amway from Japan to the world. Moreover, she still wears Lo skirt at the age of 37, and her perfect model of Lo Niang has also inspired many older lo niangs.

However, before the beauty of the sand, there is a more out of the circle Lo skirt goods king, which is the visual band malice mizer (malice and tragedy) guitarist mana.

Why did all the members of Goth come out with mana alone?

One is that he dares to wear it. He is clearly a man, and his appearance is full of Lo skirts.

With Yan Hao, proper makeup and cool dark Gothic style, the Japanese people are not so resistant to Gothic Lolita. On the contrary, they have a certain understanding. Some music fans are even planted grass successfully, and they jump into the lo circle with him.

Also not in the lo circle, but to promote the Lolita culture out of the circle is Kenko Yamada.

Kenko Morita is a cute hybrid, with doll attributes on her facial features, which is suitable for wearing Lo skirt. So she changed the role of Lo Niang in 18 sets of Lo dresses in the shadow the tale of my wife, and instantly became the white moonlight in the hearts of countless lo niangs.

Because of this movie, many ordinary audiences are also planted grass in one second, and they are interested in lo skirt. The owners in Guangzhou have a good sense of smell and soon open Lo stores to sell small skirts.

Lo skirt in China:

From four pieces to half of the country

However, it is not accurate to say that these girls in ready to wear Lo skirts are the first generation of Chinese Lo Niang.

As early as 2000, people in Hong Kong and Guangzhou wore Lo skirts, and Coser wore Lo skirts in Guangzhous man show. However, Lolita culture was not popularized at that time. On the contrary, it was formed that wearing Lo skirt is a kind of role play.

Whats more, it was different from now when the logistics was not developed and there was no purchasing agent. The first generation of Guangzhou Lo Niang was forced to become a skilled craftsman and converted her old clothes into Lo skirts.

This of course has advantages, that is to save money without krypton gold. Once upon a time, Luo Niang could change a set of Lo skirt for 4 yuan, which could be called the king of Lo circle.

In addition to making clothes, the first generation of Lo women also learned to make their own make-up, modeling, and making small skirts to supplement their hobbies.

It seems that they are the grandfathers in the matter of too much krypton gold and the need for salted fish to return to blood.

Whats more, Im curious about digging sauce. When Los mother saw that Los skirt was called a bankrupt three sisters, which made countless young girls poor enough to eat dirt, how would she feel?

Did you drop Gu Zao Los mother to answer the puzzle of digging sauce?

However, the matter of changing clothes with love power generation began to change when the story of the next wife exploded.

At that time, Guangzhou Tianhe City, animation star city began to have lo stores, further forming a small circle. From 2006 to 2007, Lolita has become a major element of the exhibition. There are many performances and beauty contests of Lolita.

Did you find that Huadian was not as powerful as it is now at that time. How could there be so many authentic Lo skirts?

In fact, at that time, many of the skirts were fake products made by local merchants with Japanese brand ancient early models and changing the materials into cheap materials such as chemical fiber lace and seldingbu.

You dont have to wear your upper body. Just looking at the pictures is a strong sense of cheapness. This kind of Shanzhai goods first rose in Guangzhou, so it was called Lolita.

After the wide Lolita, the domestic Lo circle began to enter the normal.

There are more and more big hand groups. The capable Lo Niang starts to build her own brand and make reliable skirts. Some of the national brands that started from Shanzhai began to wash white and go ashore to make original high-quality authentic products.

Their business mode is also different from that of ordinary clothing brands. They not only open shops on the Internet, but also set up stalls. Therefore, the opportunity for Luo Niang Luohan to enter the pit at that time was either a person passing on from person to person, being brought into the pit by her friends and classmates, or she was planted grass by lo circle exhibition stand during the exhibition, so that she could jump into the pit automatically.

Gradually, Lolita culture has become a trend in the diffuse exhibition, and the most popular period can account for half of the place and flow of the exhibition.

When the circle is mature, there will naturally be top class Lo women. In addition to sharing Lolita information, top class Lo women will also take body pictures of national brands and take part in show shows. Therefore, they are called grass growers.

The most famous one should be Xie Anan.

Xie Anan has collected more than 100 sets of Lo skirts, and he is a heavy fan of daily Lo skirt travel. After she became a grass grower, she was also famous for her work. She didnt have much good words. She brought her own makeup and brain holes (the subject of photography) when she was filming. She didnt feel tired in the hot weather.

Therefore, even if she had taken all the domestic Lo cards and brushed her face for half a lo circle, she was not obnoxious. Instead, she was called a lo circle model worker.

If Xie Anan represents the grass growers who mainly focus on Meitu in the era of e-commerce and microblogging, then in the video age, grass growers may have to be replaced.

Among the more famous ladies who have trembling voices do not eat fish, her Lo dress tiktok is creative and crazy, and she lets people enter the pit in seconds.

But she is black and red constitution, often make complaints about lo circle tree hole.

For example, the video is always the same sitting posture, the same round frame glasses, like an AI planting grass without emotion, which makes people feel that the video quality is not good.

I was asked to go to a tea party for a show.

Compared with Xie Anan on the left, his wife doesnt eat fish, like a pupil who gets a low score in the exam. She goes home from school with her head down.

It is also known that mountains pass through mountains, which makes people feel that morality is not worthy.

She said that her rich woman is not ridicule. She really has a mine at home. She lives in a Canadian ocean view house. She donates a building to the school when she goes to high school.

Yan Hao has a rich family background. If you dont make a demon, its not a dream to become a double circle top stream.

After being pointed out by netizens, the reason for washing white is that other people take pictures, I also shoot them and it costs thousands of yuan (should be able to shoot), which makes people have to doubt, really. The upbringing of rich girls?

After offending Lo circle, when selling Amway in Hanfu circle, he pushed a plagiarism shop, so that the unknown Hanfu lady bought 4-digit counterfeit goods. When she wanted to refund money, she ran into the shop and ran away. So they contributed black material of Shiyin to Shudong, trying to force Shiyin Kaimai to help. As a result, Shiyin launched fans to report tree hole.

After being ripped by Hanfu women for several rounds, Shiyin came out to apologize, saying that she did not know that the shop keeper had copied it, but would not help snipe. She only wished Hanfu women success in safeguarding their rights.


After the promotion, we should take responsibility. Just saying a blessing doesnt help. We should let the Hanfu circle expel her. As a result, she once ranked the top of the one-day powder dropping list of station B.

It can also be seen from the video that grass growers always turn over their cars. Lolita culture has advantages and disadvantages for them when they come to the video age.


However, no matter whether it is to stand or ridicule the grass maids, this is still a tear in the circle, and the things that really make a circle have a greater impact.

When the little girl wanted to call the police because she was afraid, two Lo police officers robbed her mobile phone and choked, someone from Laozi police station.

Pangolin girl avoided the whole process, and her attitude was very calm. Even though she was wearing a Shanzhai skirt, she was supported by passers-by.

Lo circle attaches great importance to copyright. If you wear a Shanzhai, you will be ridiculed, and you cant get in and out of the tea party. However, this is a rule that only people in the circle know. Do you know whether this sister knows or not.

If you want to persuade, you can be civilized first, and abuse at will. Netizens say that they wear a million loser.

However, two noble Lo policemen dressed like a noble girl, but their attitude was too young. They were obviously unreasonable.

See two Lo police mouth vomit fragrance, dig sauce think of another Lo circle strange phenomenon, that is the earth taste Lo Niang.

About two or three years ago, a group of Lo Lo women, wearing the split skirts of the lo skirt, the bus Kwai Di and the opening mouth, were quickly appearing.

The first time I saw it, I was suddenly split and the voice control lights were on for ten miles.

However, Lo Niang looked at the small skirt that she wanted to be angry and bought heavily, but it was said that she was making a video of the local flavor.

The lo circle regards the small skirt as its belief or an important thing, so it will have its own circle culture. However, Tu Wei Lo may not know this. Even if he knows, he may not be in the loop. It can only be said that the existence of Tu Wei Lo Niang proves that Lolitas cultural circle is growing faster and faster.

Moreover, the big guy of Lo circle once disclosed that there are 600 Lo skirt brands in China by 2019, which shows that capital has begun to pay attention to this circle. In order to compete for this market, they will make the cake bigger. Even if Luo Niang doesnt work hard, the boss will try to sell Amway, making Lo skirt more and more popular.

Generally speaking, Lolita, as a clothing culture with a history of only 40 years, has been able to transform from a small group into a general trend. It has attracted so many girls and men into the pit. Its powder absorbing ability is really amazing.

When the circle is large, it is inevitable that various problems will arise. Instead of keeping the nobility of the small circle, it is better to be more open to Amway. It can not only absorb new people, but also eliminate the prejudice of passers-by that Lo dress is strange dress.

After all, Lolitas wind can be sweet or SA can be cool. There are both daily light lo and gorgeous clothes that can hold large scenes. Who doesnt like beautiful clothes?