Its the right color for the first autumn bag

 Its the right color for the first autumn bag

Whether its a khaki trench coat or a dark blue suit, a brown bag on your back can make you more autumn. The picture below is from Celines show. Its simple and elegant.

Why are brown bags so popular in autumn? Because it really goes with the atmosphere of autumn.

Recently, fashion fashionistas in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have picked bags in this color one after another, and the bag styles are not pompous, almost all of them are a combination of Brown + gold, which are matched with basic models to properly improve the texture.

Khaki suits or yellow shirts are quite harmonious with small brown bags. We are worried that it is not enough to carry them directly. We can also learn from the models. We can not use the chain and put the bags in their hands directly.

Recently, two younger sisters, Wang Feifei and Meng Jia, appeared on the cover of the magazine carrying the eleaner bag launched by Tory Burch this autumn and winter.

Brown bags with retro color, in order to be consistent with the color temperament, in the style, we can also choose a bit ancient.

In the figure below, pont9 of Lvs family is on the left, and besace16 of Celine is on the right. One belongs to the postman bag, the other belongs to the saddle bag, the basic fire bag type is ancient classic bag.

Gucci, which is popular in the past two years, directly reproduces its classic bag, Jackie 1961. Among them, the small size and brown Monogram are the most popular. Any height can be easily controlled. A small one can be carried directly from summer to autumn.

If you need to bring a computer for commuting, the doctors bag and tote bag that can be installed are very suitable. In the figure below, this is the soft16 of Celines home, which is big enough and practical.

If you dont need so many things in your daily life, its good enough to learn from Korean stars jisoo and Xiuzhi, and choose small saddle bags, postman bags, and bean curd bags.

There is also a popular trend on the show this year, which is to add tassels to bags. In fact, this fashion was also popular in the early years, but it was out of season very quickly. Moreover, the exaggerated bag with tassels is too wandering and is not suitable for the workplace. If you really want to catch up with the fashion, you can buy a small try in the fast brand. Of course, the local tyrant is free.

If you want something special, in addition to the pure brown bag, we can also try color matching. For example, Tods (left) in the figure below and Loewe on Jennies back use brown + black color matching, which looks more than pure brown.

If you dont think its enough, take a big metal chain on the bag. Jwanderson autumn and winter chain lidbag, with a large metal chain decoration, is more eye-catching than its other brands slogans. Is it sharp to carry it?

After seeing so many beautiful bags, do you feel excited? The first bag of autumn, choose brown, fashionable with retro, wear texture of ascension has it enough!

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