A pair of trousers to wear more skills read this article to understand!

 A pair of trousers to wear more skills read this article to understand!

The matching details of the pants are not complicated, but we cant ignore the following small details.

Considering the appropriate width of the pant and the tolerance of the body, it will be better to match the pants with different versions of the top to reflect symmetry. And this symmetry is from the color, style, loose, size and other angles to transform.

For example, if the top is a loose sweater of oversize, you should pay attention to the matching of length, color and design sense when matching with pipe pants. The best choice of pants length is 8 / 9 pants, and the color should be harmonious with the color of the clothes. In addition, the loose sweater should be simple and generous in design sense, so as to avoid the lazy effect and affect the beauty of wearing.

u2461 Using waist line to attract eyes

For example, the silk scarf is directly tied to the waist as a belt, which has the effect of eye-catching waistline.

From the perspective of style, if you are fresh and lovely, the color brightness can be higher in matching colors. If you are a commuter simple style, of course, the color matching can be simple and soft. Different colors can create different styles. Of course, the stronger the sense of clothing design, the more diversified the style will be.

For example, the top and bottom of the same color match, or the top deep and bottom light, the bottom light and the top deep are all reference colors.

After understanding the details of matching, lets talk about the specific collocation method of wearing more than one pair of pants in autumn. By wearing more than one pair of trousers, you can make good use of shirts, small suits and T-shirts to wear the overall sense of harmony. It is enough to deal with the fashion in autumn.

The combination of black pipe pants, off white T-shirt and striped T-shirt, has a gentle and a little artistic flavor, which is very suitable for the gentle and lovely girl reference.

The combination of denim jacket and pipe pants is a simple daily collocation, which makes the overall effect more neat. A pair of black canvas shoes wear a sense of youth. The coordination between style and style is worth trying.

The black pipe pants are designed with a little commuting design, so the matching with the shirt and the checkered Blazer creates a sense of simplicity from head to toe. When the temperature is not so cold, wear a shirt alone with the panties, and then put on a small outer cover after the cold. The fashionable feeling you want immediately appears.

We all know that windbreaker is also one of the coats that must be worn in autumn, but windbreaker has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there are also different collocation methods for pipe pants. For tall girls, long and medium length windbreaker and pipe pants can contain the body and reflect the texture.

For the petite girl, short windbreaker should be selected to match with the pipe pants. For example, in the demonstration of Chinese bloggers in the above figure, the pants show their ankles and the color is very generous. Do you think they look comfortable and tall?

There are simple and complicated versions of windbreaker, but for the pipe pants, it seems that come without fear, such a short windbreaker with pipe pants, simple and complex balance is just right. So how do we show the difference? In fact, we can start from the inside, such as the side of this tender yellow backing, the color of bright break the mediocrity.

So what comes with it is to show the sense of hierarchy of collocation, which comes from the sense of color, design and style.

If you change the black pant to another color, such as gray as shown in the picture, what will the visual effect be? Black is a versatile color to wear, and white and gray are also comparable to it.

Its the same with the windbreaker in front and the grey pipe pants. Its just a little different in color. Its really embarrassing to find out some differences between them.

For example, the above two sets of grey pipe pants, jeans and knitwear are very plain, but a wine red bag and a wine red medium tube socks, such a local bright collocation careful thinking, does not let people feel that the effect is very good.

In fact, if you pay attention to the color matching of grey pipe pants. It will be more textured than pure black. The above two sets of grey pipe pants match to highlight the color comparison, which is close to the low saturation of the same color system. After the partial brightening, the overall collocation is not monotonous.

Gray + pink has always been two colors to match. The girl feeling and gray texture of pink easily reflect the advanced feeling of wearing and matching. Short windmills and grey trousers are more casual and lazy than pure black, which also reflects the essence of more wear~

Well, the above is about sharing more than one pair of pants. First, we should master the skills and notice that any possible bad matching effect will be avoided. Then, we can find inspiration from the fashion bloggers wear, and it will be easier to improve the beauty of our clothes~

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