Competition pattern of National Day archives changes quietly

 Competition pattern of National Day archives changes quietly

According to the data of cats eye professional edition, up to the time of publication, the box office of I and my hometown produced by Beijing Culture (000802. SZ) and Jiang Ziya produced by light media (300251. SZ) have exceeded 1 billion box office. My hometown and I made 1.07 billion at the box office, ranking the first in the National Day box office, and Jiang Ziya was 37 million ahead of the second.

However, judging from the pre-sale and box office performance of the previous two days, Jiang Ziya was ahead of my hometown and me. On October 1, the two films received 360 million and 274 million respectively, with a box office gap of nearly 90 million. The change of competition pattern took place on the third day of the national day. The box office of my hometown and I surpassed Jiang Ziya by 273 million and 219 million respectively, while Jiang Ziya fell behind by more than 50 million. On the fourth day, the box office gap between the two was further widened, with a difference of 100 million. On that day, the total box office of my hometown and I surpassed that of Jiang Ziya.

Jiang Ziya had a strong box office performance in the pre-sale and early days of the National Day archives, but it was weak in the 3-4 days. The most important reason is the gap between the audiences high expectations and the actual film. Its normal to be overtaken by (me and my hometown), Jiang Ziyas expectations are too high. Wen te, a well-known film we media person, told reporters.

The expected gap mainly comes from the reincarnation of Nezhas devil child, which belongs to the myth Trilogy of light media with Jiang Ziya. However, many people in the movie show that they are totally different when they come to the cinema.

Different expectations also lead to two-level differentiation of the word-of-mouth of Jiang Ziya (see previous report: first-line research | the word-of-mouth of Jiang Ziya is divided. Analysts predict that the box office will exceed 1.5 billion). The audience who entered the cinema for the reincarnation of Nezhas demon boy found that the plot, narrative style and theme of Jiang Ziya were very different. They were originally from two production teams. The narration and theme of Jiang Ziya are more serious, which also determines that children are not the main audience of this animated film. A fund media researcher told the associated press that compared with Nezha, Jiang Ziya is not so young in theme, and the box office ceiling of animated films will be lower than that of live movies.

It is worth noting that on the evening of October 4, Wang Changtian, President of light media, forwarded the poster with box office exceeding 1 billion yuan released by Jiang Ziyas official micro blog, and said, it has reached my expectation. Next, it is beyond expectation. Thank you for all kinds of thanks! Winter also told reporters, Jiang Ziya box office performance has exceeded 200 million for four consecutive days, exceeding its expectations.

Winter believes that the reason for the mediocre box office performance of champion is still the audience and theme. Winning the championship and the Chinese womens volleyball team can attract a group of people, but also rejected a group of people. Winter said, there is no precedent for domestic shooting of sports themes.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of CFA_ NF4425