Novice makeup dont follow the trend to buy these several pieces of the highest utilization rate

 Novice makeup dont follow the trend to buy these several pieces of the highest utilization rate

In recent years, there are more and more base make-up products, which are really difficult for beginners to choose. Only knowing the difference of different base makeup products can we correctly choose what we need. Not to want to buy everything, finally bought a pile, found that most of them are not suitable for themselves.

Plain cream;

Su Yan frost, as the name suggests, is to create a cream of cream. Nude make-up is very clear, and it is more suitable for the buddy and the casual partner. If you want a good makeup concealer, dont choose plain cream.

Whether BB cream or CC cream is foundation, its good to use it as a makeup. A little buddy will add the foundation after BB/CC cream. Its not necessary at all.

If you think that BB/CC is not good enough for concealer, replace these good makeup, or use the special Concealer for these products.

Foundation liquid / Powder Cream / powder;

For example, Estee Lauder DW is a typical liquid foundation, but its hiding power does not lose SUQQU cream. Therefore, for ordinary people, the three types of products as long as choose a suitable for their own good.

Many partners are asking how to use these three products. First of all, from the perspective of product functions:

Sunscreen is a skin care step. Therefore, sunscreen should be before the make-up milk. Of course, if you use hard sunscreen, you can skip the sunscreen section (I dont know why you can search the previous topic about sunscreen).

Before talking about isolation and makeup, isolation itself is a pseudo concept. Isolation can not play the so-called isolation of air pollution, cosmetics damage and other effects. There is no such concept in Europe and America.

In fact, isolation can be equivalent to pre makeup milk. We have written before, according to the function, there are moisturizing pre make-up milk, color fixing pre makeup milk and pre makeup milk to fill pores. These are completely based on their own needs to choose. It is necessary to enhance moisturizing before moisturizing makeup (in fact, face cream, lotion can be completely replaced), with pores to choose silicon filled makeup before.

Concealer products;

On the contrary, common IPSA, etvos, MAC, etc. have been adjusted out of the multi-color disk more practical. And these colors have been adjusted, even if there are differences in color, it is more convenient for beginners to use color matching.

Eyebrow products;

Common eyebrow products on the market, such as: extremely fine eyebrow pencil, machete eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyebrow glue, etc. Novice, lets choose the easiest to use and the least likely to make mistakes.

Small partners with adequate budget can actually prepare an eyebrow powder, which can make eyebrow drawing more natural with eyebrow pencil.

Eye shadow;

I know that the girl who has just entered the make-up pit can not bear the temptation of all kinds of polychromatic Eyeshadow plates, but in my personal experience, we should still cautiously start.

On the contrary, the common three color, four color, and the eye shadow disc based on the earth color and red brown tone are actually more practical. Even if you buy a multicolored eye shadow plate, the most commonly used is the color of those daily lines.


I dont really have a say in lipstick. Because Im a person who doesnt have much control over buying lipstick. But the only advice I can give you is to polish your eyes. The color test with high abrasion and high exposure has no reference value.