Hundreds of thousands of people have been inoculated with domestic inactivated vaccine of new crown, and there is no obvious adverse reaction

 Hundreds of thousands of people have been inoculated with domestic inactivated vaccine of new crown, and there is no obvious adverse reaction

Hundreds of thousands of new crown inactivated vaccine recipients are now zero infection

According to the state-owned Xiaoxin news on the 10th, it was reported that the head of China biology of Sinopharm group disclosed in an interview with the media on the emergency use of the new crown inactivated vaccine and the overseas phase III clinical research situation. The emergency use of the two new crown inactivated vaccines developed by Sinopharm China biology has been inoculated for hundreds of thousands of people, without any obvious adverse reactions and infection. Among them, they went to the sea after the vaccination Tens of thousands of people in foreign high-risk countries and regions have achieved zero infection so far.

Zhou Song, general counsel of Chinese medicine and biology, said that the state approved three vaccines, and China biology of the State Pharmaceutical Group accounted for two of them. At present, the largest number of emergency vaccination was used, with hundreds of thousands of people hit, without any obvious adverse reactions and no one felt infected.

The second sentence is one belt, one road ahead. Our countrys emergency use is now exposed to high-risk groups such as health care workers in the medical institutions that treat new crown infections, such as foreign diplomats to high-risk countries, and construction workers in the area of Chinese enterprises. After tens of thousands of people have completed the vaccine, they have been abroad for a long time. Over the past month, they had parallel control overseas, that is to say, when the epidemic broke out in overseas regions or regions, they went there after vaccination. Compared with the employees left behind there, there were left behind employees infected, but they were not infected. Data like this called parallel control are available in many countries. In particular, tens of thousands of people who went to overseas high-risk countries and regions after vaccination achieved zero infection, which proved the effectiveness of the vaccine.

In addition, Zhang Yuntao, vice president of Sinopharm China biology, said that phase III would be better for future applications if it was done overseas. The neutralizing antibodies were produced in both phase I and phase II in China. Neutralizing antibody detection is a gold standard. In overseas phase III clinical studies, we will continue to observe neutralizing antibodies. Neutralizing antibodies are comparable. Overseas trials have expanded ethnic groups, countries and populations. Most importantly, they are recognized overseas to enable products to be exported.

In the past, it was very difficult for us to export our vaccines. It was not possible to export them in foreign countries because of a series of regulatory and clinical restrictions. Now we have a strong scientific and technological strength. The clinical data of phase I and phase II are recognized overseas, and we directly carry out phase III clinical research overseas. In the future, when it is approved by China, it can also be listed overseas. Zhang Yuntao: our phase III clinical trial has been carried out abroad, which is a model of international cooperation. In the future, as long as these clinical studies are conducted in these countries, they can be listed legally and legally. We can also join and actively support the global vaccine alliance procurement programs initiated by the World Health Organization. At present, there are 500 million doses of new inactivated vaccine in the world.

When will the new crown inactivated vaccine come into market?

Zhou Song said that at present, the production of the new crown inactivated vaccine of China biological Beijing Institute of biological products of the State Pharmaceutical Group has passed the joint inspection on Biosafety organized by relevant departments, and is qualified for use. Sinopharma group has invested about 2 billion yuan to build two high-level biosafety workshops. The inactivated vaccine will be available as soon as the end of December.

What is the price of new crown inactivation after listing?

Zhang Yuntao said that on the whole, the vaccine price will be significantly lower than 1000 yuan, but the price has not been set. In the future, two or three injections will depend on the test results. If it is two injections, it is possible to strengthen one injection every six months or a year, which is the most likely.

How long can you produce antibody after vaccination?

How long will the new vaccine protect us?

Zhou Song said there were several different versions and statements. For example, the first version says that the antibody disappears in the body within 3 to 6 months. Our enterprise has also made it public to the society. The first person to vaccinate is called 180 vanguards who test drugs with their own bodies. It has been five or six months since the earliest vaccination. They constantly draw blood to monitor its antibody value. At present, it is still in the stable period of antibody peak value, and it has not decreased. Therefore, the first statement is self defeating. The second view is optimistic. Is it possible to have lifelong immunity? Like childhood vaccinated against smallpox, not smallpox for life. Now its not very likely. At present, according to the results of animal experiments, stage studies and previous similar technology platform vaccines, it is estimated that the durability and protection effect of immunization are likely to be more than 1-3 years.

Zhou Song said that at present, both who and Chinas scientific research institutions, including the central enterprise sinopharma group, have been paying attention to and monitoring the variation of the virus. By the middle of July, the data of neutralization and cross-over trials of (national pharmaceutical) enterprises had been published. At that time, Beijing Xinfadi virus strain, Russian virus strain, British virus strain, Austrian virus strain and American virus strain were used to conduct neutralization cross test, and the results showed that all of them could be 100% neutralized. That is to say, at present, there are several subtypes of the virus that are mutating, but its major gene sequence and protein level have not changed fundamentally. The new crown inactivated vaccine will have no problem in dealing with these mutated viruses in the next few years, and it can cover these mutated viruses. This is the affirmative answer.

Suspension of new crown vaccine trial at Oxford University

AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical giant, said on Tuesday that it had suspended the third phase of clinical trials of a new coronavirus vaccine jointly developed with Oxford University due to an unexplained disease after the injection, according to CNN and BBC reports.

Of the dozens of vaccines being developed around the world, AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccines are considered to be strong competitors. After successful phase I and phase II trials, there is high hope that the vaccine may become the first vaccine on the market. In recent weeks, it has entered the third phase of trials, with about 30000 volunteers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa.

A spokesman for AstraZeneca said adverse reactions had occurred to a participant in the UK and the companys global vaccine trials would be suspended. As part of an ongoing global randomized trial of the new coronavirus vaccine, our standard review procedure resulted in a suspension of vaccination in order to review safety data, AstraZeneca said in a statement. This is a routine behavior. In the process of investigation, once a potential disease of unknown origin appears in a certain trial, it must be taken to ensure the integrity of the experiment. In large trials, disease occurs occasionally, but it must be independently reviewed and carefully examined. We are working to speed up the review of individual events to minimize any potential impact on the test schedule. We are committed to the highest standards of safety for our participants.

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