The ugliest two ways to wear a sweater, 90percent of people wear the second!

 The ugliest two ways to wear a sweater, 90percent of people wear the second!

Before that, ouou shared several brands of sanitary clothes that they loved. Seeing that there was little honey in the comment area, he also wanted to know how to choose and how to match the sweater.

Although the sweater is simple, it is the most inclusive piece for the body, and it is super versatile, can be energetic and cute, can also be street cool guy!

However, once such a simple sweater is not well worn, it will also show fat and poor proportion, and there are also minefields that we need to avoid.

There are tens of millions of types of vests, half of which are easy to step on! What ou Ou Ou doesnt recommend most is the slim fitting style.

This kind of sweater on the body modification is basically equal to 0, and if this is the case, there are not too many design of solid color, it will be very much like warm autumn clothes.

This kind of sweater is easy to appear that people have no spirit, like running into the street without waking up.

If you are a meat girl, pay attention to the neckline and shoulder line when choosing a sweater.

As for the small honey, the long sweater is not suitable, especially if the length is below the middle of the thigh, it will reduce the proportion, not only showing the short but also showing the pier.

Now that weve learned about the minefield, lets see how to wear it~

The first thing a girl should pay attention to is the neckline when choosing a sweater.

Choose a sweater with a slightly larger neckline to highlight the neck and clavicle and make the upper body look thinner and lighter.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the shoulder line. The style of falling shoulder like this can cover the arm worship meat more and show the shoulder is narrow.

For pear shaped girls with more flesh in the lower body, they can choose this kind of sweater which just covers the crotch, which can cover the shortcomings of big crotch and thick thigh.

And the hat of this kind of sweater can decorate the back very well, let the back look not so thick.

This style of croptop is to increase the proportion of a good hand, can let you below the chest are legs!

If you want to wear a long sweater, you can choose the style with the length above the middle of the thigh. It will not reduce the proportion if you wear it as a skirt.

Sweater is a piece that takes up a large area of clothing, which will be noticed at the first sight. Therefore, as the main color block, the color of the sweater must be selected well!

First of all, we want to lighten the lightning is this kind of fluorescent sweater. The color with too high saturation will make the skin color yellow and dull. It is difficult to hold it, and it is easy to appear that the whole clothes have no texture.

Yellow sisters should also remember to avoid this kind of soil brown, cold gray, this color will appear waxy yellow, dirty, the whole person will look super dull.

After avoiding the minefield, there are many beautiful colors to choose from~

Black and white, are very suitable for printing, wanton indulgence, eye-catching and not too exaggerated.

You can also choose a warmer beige, which will make the skin shiny and colorful.

In addition to omnipotent color, colorful candy color is also worth trying~

In addition to omnipotent color and candy color, there are many beautiful and manageable colors for us to choose from~

1. Smoke Pink

Smoke pink is in the pink to add a little orange and gray tone, will not be gaudy too high-profile, become sweet and bright!

Because of the orange tone, it can make the skin color brighter and whiter; and because of the gray tone, it will not appear too naive, with a high-level sense, and the 30 + girls are also very good-looking.

Compared with ordinary pink, smoke pink is more inclusive of other colors, including black, white and denim blue~

Moreover, these colors will not cover up the special softness of smoke pink, but will also make the overall wear more distinct layering.

2. Haze blue

If you want to say the most fashionable color of temperament, haze blue is my first~

Haze blue is a gray-scale blue, so it will not look old and yellow like ordinary blue. It is a very dreamy and temperament color.

3. Taro purple

Compared with neutral haze blue, taro purple has a more soft fufu girl feeling, and it will look more comfortable and soft.

The best match with the purple taro sweater is white, which can completely set off the beauty of taro purple.

Taro purple and deep denim blue collocation, is the vitality of young girls at the same time, but also more years of quiet good~

The reason why Ou Ou recommended the sweater so much was that it was so easy to match.

Can match with different pieces, can collide with different atmosphere feeling, as a daily wear is simply too good to start~

Like the most basic sweater + black tights, each small honey wardrobe has such a set.

For example, add light Martin boots or dads shoes and black pants to form a contrast color, neutral and a little wild, showing high at the same time, and cool.

Or add a small bag with the color of the sweater, and it wont be too exaggerated!

There are also straight jeans, which can hold down the sense of jump off of the sweater. If you put a corner of the sweater into the jeans pants, you can also highlight the waistline and not be afraid to press the proportion.

In addition to the most basic black pants and jeans, the sweater is also a great match for wide leg pants.

The wide sweater and loose wide leg pants are definitely the shoulder handle for hiding meat. The whole thing is the style of Hong Kong in the street. Remember to add a boot or dads shoes, you will not be afraid to press your height.

This years fire Tartan pants, and the sweater match is very suitable for the student party, American retro is super youthful!

In addition to pants, the sweater with skirt is also suitable.

The sweater can also be matched with such A-line skirt, which not only has super vitality, but also can beautify the body and make the lower body look thinner. Its necessary to hide meat girl!

In addition to simple 1 + 1 collocation, the sweater is also suitable for folding and wearing, and it is more suitable for the cold autumn and winter spicy~

Wearing a shirt inside the sweater will also be the British college style of the salt department. It is both a good boy and a clean young man~

In addition to the inside, the sweater is also very suitable to wear on the outside.

A simple cut and decorative windbreaker is super chic as the outer layer of a long sweater, and it is not complicated at all, and simple can become fashionable.

These are the clothes that Europe and Europe bring to you~

Although the sweater is omnipotent, we still need to pay more attention to the selection: neckline, shoulder line, version and color, because only the most suitable for you is the most beautiful.