Double break a billion national day file, completely fire! These companies are involved

 Double break a billion national day file, completely fire! These companies are involved

My hometown and I as the main line of the sister story of I and my motherland has a unique style. It combines the independent individual with the hometown, so that the audience can see the revitalization and development of the countryside in the new era and the unique charm of green water and green mountains.

Jiang Ziya, with the aura of the return of the great sage and Nezha, was highly anticipated by the public. The box office of Jiang Ziya was nearly 360 million on the first day, and the total box office and film production were both the first.

Several listed companies behind

Tianyan investigation shows that both the producer and distributor of Jiang Ziya are involved in the listed company light media.

The listed companies behind the producers and co producers of I and my hometown include Beijing culture, Chinese film, light media, Wanda film, cultural investment holding, etc.; the listed companies behind the producers and co producers of pioneer include China film, cultural investment holding, etc. The listed companies involved in the title include China film, Shanghai film, happy media (Hong Kong stock), wentou holding, etc.

The film and television industry is expected to recover gradually

Under the influence of the epidemic, box office losses will be serious in 2020. Wind statistics show that the average loss of 11 film and television companies listed in the first half of this year is 342 million yuan. Huace film and television, which only rely on the income of online dramas, and the light media, which released some films in January, made a little profit. The net profits of the interim report to the parent were 147 million yuan and 20 million yuan respectively. Wanda has the largest loss of 1.567 billion yuan.

Wanlian Securities believes that the epidemic situation accelerates the industry clearance, and theater line integration is conducive to improving the average profit level of the remaining cinemas. From the box office distribution point of view, the proportion of low-level cities continues to increase, and it is suggested to pay attention to the relevant cinemas in the layout of low-level cities.

According to Kaiyuan securities, driven by the new films in the head, the certainty of the continuous reversal of the performance of theaters and cinema advertising companies from the second quarter, the third quarter to the fourth quarter has been strengthened, and the film sector has entered the third stage of bottom repair, and the companys excess earnings may be higher.

According to CICC, high-quality content has a great impact on box office recovery. The market is expected to gradually return to normal from the National Day archives. Neuter estimates that the box office will reach 15 billion yuan in 2020.

Dongfang securities predicted that the box office of the National Day box office this year should be between 4.06 billion yuan and 5.11 billion yuan, recovering from 92.3% to 116.1% last year.

According to China Merchants Securities, considering that the types of films in the national day schedule cover plot, comedy, action, animation and other categories, it may be conducive to meet the diversified demand for film viewing; in addition, there are some soft constraints on provincial travel and tourism in various regions this year, which may promote the demand for film viewing and boost the rise of box office. Therefore, China Merchants Securities believes that the overall box office of this years national day will still have a significant growth compared with the box office since the resumption of work, which is expected to reach about 4 billion, but the year-on-year growth rate may fall down compared with last year.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, official micro editor of E Company_ NF4425