Another queen of hyaluronic acid was born: 57 year old female boss is 20 billion

 Another queen of hyaluronic acid was born: 57 year old female boss is 20 billion

Make 20 billion with hyaluronic acid

This is a 16 year entrepreneurial story of a female founder. Jian Jun, 57, is the founder of aimike.

Sixteen years ago, Jian Jun was still working in abatecedora Textils S.A., Panama, and had no contact with the medical and aesthetic industry, let alone hyaluronic acid. By chance, Jian Jun observed hyaluronic acid injection for the first time. European and American people have exaggerated expressions and deep wrinkles. At that time, I saw a woman in her 70s with more wrinkles on her face. After her injection of hyaluronic acid, her wrinkles were significantly reduced

It was just by chance that Jian Jun saw the magic of hyaluronic acid and began to sprout the idea of starting a business. In 2004, Jian Jun, who had never been in contact with medical cosmetology, set up aimeko and started her beauty business career.

Although Jian Jun has 13 years of overseas work experience, it is not easy for Jian Jun to enter the medical and aesthetic industry. The supervision of the State Food and drug administration is the first barrier for Jian Jun to enter the medical and aesthetic industry. Although aimex is mainly engaged in the production, development and sales of hyaluronic acid, a biomedical soft tissue repair material, this product belongs to three categories of implantable medical devices and is facing extremely strict supervision.

In addition, the market environment that aimex faced at the beginning of its establishment was very bad. At that time, companies from Europe, the United States and South Korea dominated the market of facial fillers suppliers, and Chinese hyaluronic acid had to rely on imports.

In the face of such a market pattern, AMECs product research and development and sales gradually formed two ideas: the first is learn from foreigners strong skills to control foreigners. Looking for the most cutting-edge products in the world, and doing localized research and development, as an alternative to international cutting-edge products; another idea is to develop differentiated products.

Based on these two ideas, the first product Yimei independently developed by EMC obtained the medical device registration certificate and listed in 2009, and was the first domestic enterprise to obtain the medical device registration certificate of related products. Meanwhile, EMC also breaks the situation of foreign brands monopolizing the Chinese market.

After 16 years of business, AMEX has developed from an unknown company to a leading domestic hyaluronic acid enterprise. Ms. Jian Jun, chairman of AMEC, directly or indirectly holds 50.75% of the companys shares. According to the latest market value of AMEC, her fortune has reached 19.8 billion yuan.

High profit business of hyaluronic acid

32 yuan cost price, to the beauty hospital 10800 yuan!

How much money does hyaluronic acid make?

According to the prospectus, the market share of himex hyaluronic acid was 8.6% in 2018, ranking first among local brands. Among them, in 2019 alone, the revenue was 558 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 73.74%, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 306 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 148.68%.

According to the prospectus, from 2017 to 2019, AMECs gross profit margin was 86%, 89% and 92%, respectively, rising year by year. The gross profit rate is higher than 90%, which is absolutely huge profits in any industry.

Taking bonida as an example, 32.34 yuan includes three parts of costs: manufacturing costs, workers wages and direct materials. However, its factory price in 2019 is as high as 2547 yuan, which is 80 times of the cost price.

Whats more, the product sold at a beauty salon or outpatient clinic at a sky high price. A search on tmall and other e-commerce platforms shows that a plastic and beauty hospital in Nanjing uses bonidas injection hyaluronic acid to fill the chin and augment the nose. The price is as high as 10800 yuan, which is more than 300 times higher than the cost price.

According to aimeko, its customers are hospitals, outpatient departments and clinics with medical institution practice license and dealers with relevant categories of medical device business license. The sales mode of its products is mainly direct selling, supplemented by distribution.

Here is an episode: when aimike products were just launched, the domestic medical and aesthetic industry generally recognized surgical cosmetic methods. Many plastic surgery hospitals in order to maintain a good reputation, dare not easily try hyaluronic acid injection.. At that time, it was rejected by many customers. Our sales staff sold out a hyaluronic acid product, and we were very happy when we came back. Jian Jun once recalled.

For this reason, aimex has adopted the sales mode of direct selling as the main part and distribution as the supplement. According to the prospectus, AMEX has established cooperative relations with more than 2000 customers, and its products cover high-quality customer groups such as large-scale chain non-public medical institutions and Grade-A hospitals. This is an invisible hyaluronic acid overlord.

The birth of three listed companies has made Shandong the richest woman

With the successful IPO of aimec, AMEC, the three giants in domestic hyaluronic acid industry, has gathered in the capital market with Huaxi biological and haohaishengke.

Due to the increasing recognition of hyaluronic acid by consumers, a number of successful entrepreneurs have been born in the hyaluronic acid industry. In addition to Jian Jun, who loves Meike, there is also Zhao Yan, chairman of Huaxi biology, the queen of hyaluronic acid.

Zhao Yan, chairman of Huaxi biology

Before 2000, Zhao Yan was still killing all sides in the field of real estate and investment. Later, she studied EMBA in Peking University, and got to know Guo Xueping, who was in furida biochemistry. In the process of talking with Guo Xueping, Zhao Yan was moved by Guo Xuepings words: a hyaluronic acid molecule (namely hyaluronic acid) can lock in 1000 water molecules. This makes Zhao Yan, who studied biology, see business opportunities.

So when she learned that an investor was going to buy Guo Xuepings furida bio chemical at a price of 20% off her net assets, she immediately took 50% of the companys equity at a price of 1.5 times of her net assets. After entering the main company, she renamed furida bio chemical Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Huaxi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.).

At that time, many people thought Zhao Yans action was impulsive, but she believed that hyaluronic acid could not only be used in ophthalmology and orthopedics, but also had a bright future in the field of skin care. Facts have proved that Zhao Yans judgment is correct.

In November 2019, Huaxi biology, which is already the worlds largest producer of hyaluronic acid raw materials, was officially listed on the science and technology innovation board. According to the prospectus, Zhao Yan holds 65.8632% of the total share capital of the company before the issuance through huaxixinyu. According to the latest market value of Huaxi biology on September 30, 2020 of 64.219 billion yuan, her fortune has reached 26.8 billion yuan, becoming the richest woman in Shandong Province.

Now, Huaxi biological and aimike have been listed, and hyaluronic acid, a secret and broad market, has become more and more well known.

According to frost Sullivan report, according to the compound annual growth rate of hyaluronic acid raw materials in 2014-2018 is 22.8%, the global market sales volume is expected to reach 1150 tons in 2023. The size of the regulated Chinese medical beauty market will reach 121.67 billion yuan in 2018 and is expected to reach 360.13 billion yuan in 2023, with a compound growth rate of 24.2%.

It can be predicted that the myth of making hyaluronic acid rich is still expected to continue.