Xu Qing is worthy of being a single nobleman at the age of 51 and a girls beauty

 Xu Qing is worthy of being a single nobleman at the age of 51 and a girls beauty

First of all, the most important thing for middle-aged women is color. Many middle-aged women habitually choose low-key and dark colors, such as the classic dark gray black and blue tone. Although these colors can set off personal mature temperament, they will look old when they are stacked together. At this time, you can choose some light colors suitable for middle-aged people, such as Xu Qing in the picture This is a red coat. The color is super red. Its not only younger, but also looks good.

In the late autumn and early winter, the weather becomes colder. Woolen overcoat is a very common piece. The overcoat is generally loose, and most of them are long. The middle-aged womens figure is gradually out of shape. In winter, if they wear heavy clothes, they will be bloated, while loose coats can hide meat, keep warm and show thin. It is a necessary item for women in late autumn.

When women choose to wear, they must not ignore the role of various accessories. Just like Xu Qings suit, red coat with black trousers is actually relatively simple and common to wear, but she chose a cap to enhance the fashion sense of the whole set of wear, making her look more fashionable. Xu Qing is worthy of being a bachelor. She laughs wantonly with her red coat and boots. She is 51 years old and has a girls delicacy and admiration.

Even in middle age, we should abide by some basic rules to make the whole look more harmonious. The width at the top and narrow at the bottom is a very basic way to show thin. Xu Qings upper body is a dark pink loose knit shirt, while the lower half of her body chooses black tights. Because the upper body of middle-aged women will be bloated, loose knitwear can be used to cover the flesh, and slender legs can be used Part of the line to show thin.

Cut and match method is suitable for those whose legs are not straight enough and want to show long legs. What is cutting? Just like the suit in Xu Qings picture, there is a gap between the high boots and the pants, which visually seems to cut the leg into three parts, which can cover up the defects of the leg lines.

Sports style can be said to be totally uninspiring. It can be said that if you want to wear sportswear up to 99 and down to the time when you are just born, you can not make mistakes. Therefore, if you want to wear a sense of age reduction, middle-aged women can also choose sports style. A simple sweater can make the whole person look full of youth and vitality, and the sweater is also super versatile, and even suits and trousers can be worn with style collision Beauty.

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