Four days before the National Day holiday: 425 million domestic tourists

 Four days before the National Day holiday: 425 million domestic tourists

Seeing the ticket order data on the first day of the long holiday, we cant believe it. By 3:27 p.m., the number of tickets doubled that of last year, and the number of tickets for the whole day increased by more than 200%. A Ctrip product manager, who monitors ticket data during the holidays, said he was very excited to see the peak passenger flow in scenic spots around the country. The tourism industry and enterprises need such a hot tourism.

This years 11 holiday online booking has become the new normal of domestic tourism. Ctrip ticket platform provides more than 10000 scenic spot booking and sightseeing services during the holiday. As of October 4, Ctrip big data showed that the number of online booking in scenic spots during the holiday not only recovered to the same period last year, but also increased by more than 100% year-on-year. The number of tourists from Ctrip in some scenic spots has reached 2-5 times of that of last year, with a maximum increase of more than 10 times.

Ctrip ticket related person in charge said that this years National Day scenic spot consumption is booming, thanks to the maturity of the major scenic spot booking service, booking tickets through the tourism platform has become a habit of tourists. Travel platforms such as Ctrip, Tongcheng and lvma have subsidized ticket prices, which also make tourists more willing to spend online, and the recovery of online ticket booking has exceeded expectations.

First financial reporter saw in some scenic spots that most scenic spots adopt appointment system and need to check the health code and ID card before entering the park. In order to ensure the safety of most scenic spots, the flow limit is basically adopted.

Destination popularity ranking

So, which scenic spots and destinations are popular during the National Day holiday?

According to the report of Ctrip tickets, as of October 4, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Hunan had the largest number of reservations, becoming a hot spot in the 11 scenic spots this year. Among them, Shanghai and Beijing are the most popular scenic spots, and Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shaanxi and other places have also reached a new high this year. In terms of the types of scenic spots, in addition to the traditional popular natural scenery and historical sites, animal and botanical gardens, theme parks and ocean pavilions have sprung up, and the parent-child population has become one of the main consumers of National Day scenic spots.

Data from the Ministry of culture and tourism show that Shanghai and Beijing lead the recovery and growth of ticket market. On October 1 and October 2, more than 150 major scenic spots in Shanghai received tourists with an increase of 110% and 49% respectively year-on-year. On October 1, the number of tourists in 223 key scenic spots monitored in Beijing increased by 69.84% compared with last year, and the business income increased by 219.63%.

At the same time, business and tourism during the holiday are also developing in linkage.

First financial reporter learned from Yu Garden shares that during the holidays, Yu Garden shopping mall under its command was upgraded again. The commercial landmark projects of Nanjing restoration square, Changshas star land, Shenyang Zhongjie, Shengjing Longcheng and other commercial landmark projects jointly launched, giving play to the integration effect of the city and town and promoting the recovery of the consumer market. Three in one way, the Yu Garden is a city with cultural consumption as the core. Through the integration of production and city, the good scene entrance of urban industrial landmark and offline happiness is created, and finally the consumption mode and the Trinity business model that can give good products are also promoted.

425 million trips in the first four days of the National Day holiday