SMIC releases further information on US export restrictions

 SMIC releases further information on US export restrictions

On the evening of October 4, SMIC again responded to the matter, saying that it had learned that the US Department of Commerces Bureau of industry and security (BIS) had indeed sent a letter to some suppliers in accordance with the US export control regulation ear744.21 (b). The content of the letter showed that some of the US equipment, accessories and raw materials exported to SMIC would be subject to further restrictions under the US export control regulations Only after applying for export license in advance can we continue to supply to SMIC.

In response to the export restrictions, SMIC said that the company and BIS have conducted preliminary exchanges and will continue to actively communicate with relevant U.S. government departments.

SMIC also said it was assessing the impact of the export restrictions on the companys production and operations. SMIC will continue to follow up this matter and issue further announcement in due course for the possible important impact on the companys future production and operation.

Source of this article: Liu Fei, editor in charge of micro network_ NBJS10390