Playwright ramera! Elbow first + slow action down Mingsu: he should eat red, too

 Playwright ramera! Elbow first + slow action down Mingsu: he should eat red, too

In the 28th minute of the game, spurs got a corner kick, and Machar returned to his own forbidden area to participate in defense. Ramela deliberately raised his right arm and elbow to hit Machars neck when he was stuck, while Machar was not willing to be outdone and hit lamellas chin with his right hand. Then ramera covered his chin with a slow motion and fell to the ground. The Manchester United players next to him were unbelievable. After seeing ramera fall, the referee showed machal a red card.

At that time, Manchester United were 1-2 behind, but after Machar was sent off by red card, spurs, who had more than one person on the field, took full control of the game and finally won 6-1 at Manchester United. It is understandable that machaers retaliation was given a red card, but at that time, it was totally ramela who deliberately elbowed his opponent to provoke him. If he was given the same penalty scale, ramera should also have been given a red card. If machaer is as smart as lamella and cant get up in the first place, maybe the referee will punish lamella severely.

After the match, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: there is no excuse for a red card. Machal made the wrong reaction, but he didnt try to get ramela sent off. In my opinion, its a joke for a young man to fall down like this. If he (ramera) is my son, he will be punished for nothing in the next two weeks. Thats not the way I want my players to react

I dont think theres any difference between the movements of ramela and Machar, said Gary Neville, who was a guest commentator for the match If Machar is sent off, ramela must be sent off as well, Souness said. Ramela raised her hand and tried to push machal, who then responded as if tickling him, and then she fell to the ground. Its a lot of the Latin style of football and we do it differently in England. Ramera will feel like a contribution to the team, but thats not what we play for Premier League star reinkel also believes: if you send off machal, you should also punish La Meila. A yellow card for both of them is enough.