Premier League - super cold! Mr. 33 million capped Liverpool beat villa 2-7

 Premier League - super cold! Mr. 33 million capped Liverpool beat villa 2-7

Fantastic Premier League! Manchester United lose 1-6, Liverpool lose 2-7

After 7-2 Liverpool, villa won 3-3 games and ranked No. 2. Keep up with Everton

In the history of the two clubs, a total of 194 times have been played, with Liverpool winning 96-40 and winning 58, among which the league is 89-40-55. The last time Aston Villa beat Liverpool was in the Carling Cup last season, when the red army sent the reserve team away to lose 5-0, which is the only victory Aston Villa has won for Liverpool in the last five games.

The fourth minute, Adrian back field own long assists, the ball came to gralishs feet, the latter cross the door, Watkins easy push shot far corner, 1-0, villa broke the deadlock on the field.

The first 7 minutes, villa left attack, gralish straight into the forbidden area, Buckley after the ball strafed, the ball slightly deviated from the right column. In the 15th minute, the Red Army made a comeback, Fermi was saved against the goalkeepers shot, Salah fell down in the fight, the referee did not say. The first 21 minutes, fermino broke into villas restricted area, and his left foot shot was defused by Martinez.

The 22nd minute, glalish sent straight, Watkins follow-up into the left side of the penalty area, over Gomez after the foot shot, the ball flew into the upper right corner of the goal, 2-0, villa to expand the lead.

In the 28th minute, Martinez will take the ball out of the beam if he has a drop shot from the inside after the ball. Villa launched a counterattack in the 31st minute, grilish zhisai, and Barclay shot a little more.

In the 32nd minute, Liverpool launched an attack from the left. If Tata hit the forbidden area with the ball, Keita turned a little slow. The ball just came to Salahs feet. The latter directly started to hit the door and the ball went into the net. 2-1, Liverpool pulled back a city.

In the 35th minute, villas right corner shot into the forbidden area, Gomes headed to clear the perimeter of McKinleys forbidden area. The ball hit Van Dykes leg and hit the net. Villa went to the next city 3-1.

The 39th minute, villa free kick penalty backward point, Trezeguet after receiving the ball, Watkins header in front of the goal, 4-1, Watkins put on a hat trick.

In the 44th minute, grilish took the ball from the left and went into the forbidden area. Facing Adrian, he started to shoot and failed to play up his strength. At the end of the half-time, Liverpool were 1-4 behind on the road.

Easy side again, the 51st minute, Buckley in the front court after a slight adjustment, the ball over the beam.

The 55th minute, Buckley in the front court and gralish completed the cooperation, in the front of the forbidden area, the ball hit Arnolds leg, the ball flew over Adrians head into the dead corner of the goal, 5-1, villa scored another goal.

The first 59 minutes, fermino in the front court after the ball straight, Salah easily from the left foot push, the ball into the net, 5-2, Liverpool again recaptured a city.

The 65th minute, Watkins points the ball to the left, gralish enters the forbidden area to shoot, the ball hits on fabinhos body and bounces into the goal, 6-2, villa will expand the score advantage to 4 goals.

The 71st minute, villa back field long pass launched an attack, Watkins goal after the formation of a single knife, in the face of Adrian Watkins started to push, the ball was blocked by Adrian.

In the 75th minute, McKinsey sent the assists from the back court. After gralish inserted the ball to form a single knife, facing Adrian, glalish started to rub his feet and shot, and the ball slowly rolled into the net, 7-2, villa brought the game into garbage time.

The 81st minute, gralish points the ball in the front court, McKinsey starts to hit the goal in the forbidden area, Adrian saves the ball, outside the big restricted area, nakamba starts to shoot far away, the ball is blocked by Adrian. One minute later, Milner suspended the ball 45 degrees into the forbidden area, if tower high jump head ball attack, the ball was confiscated by Martinez. The 84th minute, Watkins in the forbidden area after receiving the ball, the ball hit the crossbeam to pop up. At the end of the game, villa beat defending Premier League champions Liverpool 7-2.

Name list of both parties:

Aston Villa (433): 26 Martinez / 2-cash (7927-elmohamadi), 4-konsa, 5-mins, 18-tagat / 7-mckin, 6-douglas-louis (7919-nakamba), 20-barkley / 17-trezeguet (8615-traore), 11-watkins and 10-gralish. Liverpool (433): 13 Adrian / 66 Arnold, 12 Gomes (5917 Jones), 4-van dyke, 26 Robertson / 8-keta (4518-toposhi Nanye), 3-fabinho, 5-vinaldum / 11-salah, 9-fermino (677-milner), 20-jota. Liverpool 2-7 by villa bloodbath source: Netease sports Author: herbal tea, editor in charge: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656

Aston Villa (433): 26 Martinez / 2-cash (7927-elmohamadi), 4-konsa, 5-mins, 18-tagat / 7-mckin, 6-douglas-louis (7919-nakamba), 20-barkley / 17-trezeguet (8615-traore), 11-watkins and 10-gralish.

Liverpool were bloodied 2-7 by villa