Cheer up! After the 6-1 massacre of Manchester United, Jose cant hold back... Laughter

 Cheer up! After the 6-1 massacre of Manchester United, Jose cant hold back... Laughter

When Jose Antonio returned to Old Trafford, when the documentary star met the much weaker player, when the VaR whistle was changed and he was called a penalty kick and left the field angrily Each spitting star sons back and forth confrontation, as if all can wipe out the brilliant spark.

u2014u2014Not to mention whether Manchester United players are still enjoying the lead, Im still thinking about how this opening penalty will affect the game, and Spurs tied the score in seconds. Look, in the forbidden area of the two central defenders, Double Dragons are playing with pearls as seals head ball. Maguire is holding down fat Xiao with a bear, Bailey is sitting on the mountain to watch the tiger, and ndong Bailey is swinging round when he comes up.

I looked at the 1-1 score in the upper left corner of the screen, looked at the 23:35 clock in the upper right corner of the background wall, and made sure again and again that I didnt miss the whole half.

But soon I became more skeptical about the conclusions that had just been made clear. Because Kanes quick free kick found sun Xingyao, who had a deep understanding recently, Bailey found that the event was not good when he saw a white figure Floating past his eyes, but he still kept a constant speed pursuit without worry Even if LA Meila tried his best to the end, he failed to turn suns goal into an auxiliary attack.

I cant really blame the players for not waking up.

After the score became 1-2, the game finally went back to normal track, so lets have a serious fight.

The second is the imbalance in midfield. The problem with Manchester United is that the 6-18 technical connection can send out a lot of threat balls that let Trident run with the wind, but once it is cut off by someone elses targeted encirclement It is easy to attack and extinguish the fire. Whats more, bogba is easy to be robbed and then directly pierced no matter which partner he plays in the back.

Spurs have another problem. The hard accumulation of the back waist can bring enough sense of security to Jose Antonio, but when it comes to organization and promotion, Spurs fans cant help but miss the big ass denbelle. Therefore, Kane and sun Xingfu have been in a hot state recently, but the attack of the whole team is basically simplified into two moves: one is to grab the long pass and sun Ge runs; the other is Harry Kane, Englands big front man.

As a result, we can see that the score behind Manchester United is more likely to press the opponents half court, but because the midfield is difficult to intercept effectively, it can not form a continuous offensive in positional warfare. While the leading spurs narrowed the defensive distance, heybel and ndong Bailey grabbed bogba, combined with the deep back defense of ramera and Sissoko, and happily played the defensive counterattack that was the favorite of Jose Antonio.

Then there is the red card to end the suspense.

There is no if in football. The score is behind, but also less than one person, the scene is not rich enough Manchester United thoroughly worse, the next score completely turned into their own shortcomings.

u2014u2014Baileys back court confused out the ball directly put Mattic on the knife, spurs four high-level Snatchers any one more than Uniteds entire defense line, add up to simply eat alive. With the same loss of position and worse delivery, the United fans would never have expected to miss lindloff one day.

u2014u2014Luk Shaw received a row of middle to fill the position, giving up his left to the opponent. Before and after half-time two throws the ball, pulls the side one is Maguire, another time is bogba, the former movement frequency + the latter defense enthusiasm, oriye a pass one shot happy.

Speaking of this season, Uniteds side guard position is not only fascinated this time. If it can be explained by the protection of lindloff that wanpisca kept leaning in the middle, then now that luxshaw and his two-sided inward play the four back into a four centre back can only show that Uniteds defense has really fallen into a dead circle.

The players are obviously desperate. Lukshaw and Bailey were numb in remorse, angry in despair, and finally defeated their previous sympathy with all kinds of tricks. When wanpisca scooped out a 180 degree somersault, even bogba threw himself out.

The coach may be desperate. After all, you cant understand whether Solskjaers half-time change with Michael tominet and Fred is a miracle or a broken pot, and you cant guess whether the calm on the sidelines is the protective color of inner panic.

The fans are the most desperate. Although terres and Cavani have checked in the flight, and Sancho seems not to be out of the game completely, but look back at the lineup: lindloff is still in the top two of the teams seven central defenders, and bogbard will probably play the back waist without a partner, and he may be able to form a four center guard in defense and counterattack. Take a look at the past who is entangled with gratitude and resentment: after pretending to be cool to the camera for a long time, the freedom and elation in the hidden lines may hurt people more than celebrating.

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And the key point is actually in the original words of Luk Shaws post interview: when we were sent off one person, everyone seemed to have given up. But Manchester United shouldnt lose like this. Thats what hurts the most

The only good news is that there is still a defending champion who played in the relegation team last season, and there is no less than one person in the relegation team. The net loss is the same, and the ball is more than one. Compared with each other, it seems that they are not so bad.

Alas, DNA and his predecessor are all unreliable, or the old opponent knows how to love people.