Two days after admission, how is trump?

 Two days after admission, how is trump?

Some of the people around trump who were diagnosed. BBC screenshot

There are different opinions on Trumps physical condition. White House doctors said he was cautiously optimistic about Trumps condition, while the White House chief of staff disclosed that Trumps blood oxygen level dropped rapidly on the morning of the 2nd. Trump himself said that he was in good condition, but the next few days were real tests.

Trumps first video after admission: in good condition and looking forward to returning

On the night of October 3, local time, trump posted a video on twitter for the first time since he was admitted to hospital. He said in the video that he was in good shape and expected to return soon, but the next few days were real tests..

In the video, trump is wearing a suit shirt and no tie. He began by thanking the doctors and nurses at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, saying, I didnt feel very good when I came here, but I feel much better now, and the medical team is trying to get me back - and I have to go back, because we have to make America great again..

Trump also said, the next few days are the real test, and we will see what happens in the next few days.. Trump also revealed in the video that first lady Melania was in good condition, you know, Melania is a little younger than me..

White House doctor: not out of danger, cautious and optimistic

White House doctors latest statement.

Trump has completed the second dose of radcivir injection and has neither fever nor oxygen inhalation, with oxygen saturation between 96% and 98%, the statement said.

In addition, Conley revealed that trump spent most of the afternoon dealing with official business, and he was able to move freely in the ward. Overall, they believe that although (trump) is not out of danger, the medical team remains cautiously optimistic.. The plan for the next day is to continue to observe the injection of radcivir, pay attention to trumps clinical symptoms, and fully support trump in performing his duties as president.

Conley said in an interview with the media on the morning of the 3rd that trump had symptoms of mild cough, nasal congestion and fatigue, but the symptoms have been relieved and in good condition. He also stressed that in the past 24 hours, trump had no fever, dyspnea or oxygen inhalation. However, he did not respond to specific when trump will recover.

However, earlier, several US media quoted the White House insiders as saying that some of Trumps indicators in the past 24 hours are very worrying, and the next 48 hours are the critical period of treatment. The New York Times pointed out that the source was White House chief of staff mark meadows. The news makes Trumps situation even more confusing. According to some sources, Mr. meadows remarks also made trump quite angry.

Later, in an interview with Fox News, meadows said that trump had a fever on the morning of the 2nd, and the blood oxygen level had rapidly decreased, but at present, the blood oxygen level returned to normal, and there was no fever again. He pointed out that trump made an incredible improvement compared with the morning of the 2nd, when he and the White House doctors were very worried. However, based on the current situation, meadows said he was very optimistic.

White House releases Trumps working photos after admission

On the night of October 3, the White House released two photos of trump working at Walter Reed Military Medical Center. One of them was sitting in the conference room in a white shirt, looking through papers; the other, in a suit and white shirt, was sitting at his desk, marking papers with his pen.

CNN pointed out that in the second photo, trump was dressed in the same clothes and environment as the video he released earlier, which is estimated to have been shot at the same time.

Ivanka, Trumps eldest daughter, also sent photos of her fathers work later, adding that nothing can stop him from working for the American people. Persevere

After the diagnosis of trump and Melania, Ivanka and her husband Kushner were tested negative for the new coronavirus. Ivanka earlier forwarded a video released by trump after he was hospitalized, saying that he talked to his father again. He is still optimistic, grateful and strong, just as you can see and hear in this video!

According to the BBC, trump is still in charge. But because of his diagnosis, his campaign has cancelled or postponed a number of campaigns. At present, the trump campaign team hopes to let Trumps two adult sons, vice president burns and others, continue to promote the campaign.

Xie Lian, reporter of Beijing News