Liverpools 2-7 humiliating record in 57 years

 Liverpools 2-7 humiliating record in 57 years

Only four minutes after the start of the game, Liverpool substitute goalkeeper Adrian gave a big gift to the opponent. One foot pass was intended to give Gomes in front of him, but he didnt expect that the footwork was not in place, and it was directly passed to the feet of glalish. For such a big gift, gralish naturally will not miss, one foot cross accurately found the forbidden area of Watkins, the latter push shot one shot.

The goal seemed to set the tone for a crazy goal. Villa scored in the 22nd, 35th and 39th minutes and Watkins scored a hat trick. Although Salah brought back a city for Liverpool, in this case, Salahs 100 goal milestone is naturally dim.

In the second half of the match, villa did not want to stop with the lead. Liverpools desperate attack on villas goal opened the defence wide and Buckley scored another goal shortly after the start of the second half, almost dragging the game into rubbish time. Then Salahs goal only helped Liverpool save some face. Before the end of the game, glalish played a good game of scoring twice, which fixed the score at 7-2.

No one thought that, facing the relegation team last season, defending champion Liverpool played so passively. Alison, injured all over the body, novel coronavirus pneumonia, but the number one goalkeeper Alison was absent from injury. But the overall strength of Liverpools lineup is still much stronger than that of Vera. However, the away game was totally beaten by Vera.

In addition to the bad state, Liverpools luck was also extremely poor. Three of the seven goals were thrown into the net by the Liverpool defender. Van Dyke, fabinho and Arnold have unfortunately become the background of the opponents goals. At the end of the game, Watkins had a chance to make a big four, but it was a pity that his single knife was blocked by Adrian. Before the end of the game, his shot hit the crossbar.

Prior to that, Liverpool were beaten seven goals in a single game back in April 1963. In other words, the game set a humiliating record for the team in 57 years. In addition, while setting the biggest score loss since krops coaching career, Liverpool also became the first defending champion to lose 7 goals in a single match. It is no wonder that when the other side scored crazy goals, klops face frequently showed helpless bitter smile.

Liverpool 2-7 by villa bloodbath source: Netease sports Author: herbal tea, editor in charge: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656