Barcelona draw Sevilla 1-1 in La Liga

 Barcelona draw Sevilla 1-1 in La Liga

In the history of La Liga, the two teams have played 152 times, 83 wins, 33 draws and 36 losses, with 312-191 goals. At home, Barcelona won 59-11, tied 6 and lost 213-69. Longley was suspended, terstengen and philopo were suspended due to injuries, while rafinia and ummiti were not included in the squad.

The fourth minute Suso left the baseline cross, lakitics head shot high. The eighth minute Suso left the baseline cross, Konde small restricted area in front of the header shot by Deron blocked out, Luc - Derong re shot to break. 1-0, Sevilla ahead!

The first 10 minutes Messi long-distance cross, Navas interception into a stop, curtinho follow-up push shot. 1-1, Barcelona equaliser, kutinho harvest return to the first goal!

17 minutes, Alba left midfield sling, Bono single palm to the ball out of the baseline.

In 21 minutes, Busquets and Fati continued to pass, grizman restricted area left shovel fire in the side net. In 29 minutes, Messi broke through the right side of the ball, and Fati was forced to push and shoot at the top of the forbidden area. In 32 minutes, Suso shot hard on the right side of the forbidden area, and the ball hit the right side net. In 44 minutes, Messi cut inside the right side of arcunia, then shot the far angle sliding door on the right side of the restricted area.

Shortly after the start of the second half, grizman went straight into Bonos arms.

In 54 minutes, Navas was cleared from the right corner, and Haldanes right side volley deflected. Barcelona replaced Fati and grizman with pedry and trinkon, Sevilla replaced Suso and ocampos with Munir and Ernesto. In 64 minutes, Ernesto crossed the left baseline, and Araujo cleared the ball and kicked the ball on the crossbar.

In 66 minutes, the left foot pocket shot from the arc top of the forbidden area was higher than the crossbeam. 2 minutes later, Navas passed the right corner ball, and Kong Deqian nodded the ball.

In 81 minutes, derst left-hand cut cross, Messi forbidden area arc top push shot was saved by Bono. One minute later, Busquets crossed the right road, and konder shoveled out the small restricted area in front of Derong. Sevilla replaced Luc Deron and holden with Oliver Torres and Carlos Fernandez.

Barcelona (4-2-3-1): 13-netto / 20-sergi-roberto, 3-pico, 30-alojo, 18-alba (752-dest) / 5-busquets, 21-deron / 7-grizman (6117-trinkon), 14-coutinho (758-pianic), 22-fati (6116-pedry) / 10-messisevilla (4-3-3): 13 Bono / 16-navas, 12-conde, 20-diego-carlos, 19-akuni Ya / 10-rajitic (786-goodley), 25 Fernando, 8-holden (8421-oliver-torres) / 5-ocampos (6115-ernesto), 9-luc-derong (8524-carlos Fernandez), 7-suso (6111-munir) source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin, editor in charge: Xu Zexin_ BJS4919

Barcelona (4-2-3-1): 13-netto / 20-sergi-roberto, 3-pique, 30-alauho, 18-alba (752-dester) / 5-busquets, 21-deron / 7-grizman (6117-trinkon), 14-coutinho (758-pianic), 22-fati (6116-pedry) / 10-messi

Seville (4-3-3): 13 Bono / 16 Navas, 12 Conde, 20 Diego Carlos, 19 acuna / 10 rajitic (786-goodley), 25 Fernando, 8-holden (8421-oliver-torres) / 5-ocampos (6115-ernesto), 9-luc-deron (8524-carlos Fernandez), 7-suso (6111-munir)