Trumps new crown therapy is also being studied by A-share companies

 Trumps new crown therapy is also being studied by A-share companies

On October 3, Sean Conley said that trump, who is undergoing treatment with a new crown, is now in remission and in excellent condition on the morning of the 3rd.

What is antibody cocktail therapy? What is the origin of regenerant pharmaceutical? Are there any A-share listed companies involved in this research?

Antibody cocktail therapy is not a new treatment idea, its history can be traced back to plasma therapy more than 100 years ago.

On December 16 of the same year, Charles Richter, a French bacteriologist and pathologist, prepared serum from the blood of dogs injected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. He tried to use dog serum injection for the first time in Paris to treat tuberculosis, and achieved success, marking that human can use serum or plasma to treat infectious diseases.

In recent years, plasma therapy has been gradually used in the trial treatment of viral infectious diseases. In many emergency and major outbreaks, such as SARS, H5N1, h7n9 avian influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (mers), Ebola epidemic, etc., plasma therapy in convalescent period has been seen.

However, plasma therapy also has obvious disadvantages. Limited by the complexity of plasma, individual differences of plasma in rehabilitation station and limited source, plasma therapy is difficult to be popularized on a large scale.

Based on this, modern medicine upgrades plasma therapy, that is, instead of centrifuging the plasma of the convalescent patients and injecting the upper serum to the patients, it uses neutralizing antibodies screened and prepared artificially.

In a simple understanding, neutralizing antibodies are a kind of antibodies produced by human B lymphocytes. When viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms invade human cells, these antibodies can bind with the antigens on the surface of pathogenic microorganisms and neutralize them, thus preventing the specific molecules expressed by pathogenic microorganisms from binding to cell surface receptors.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has also been taken seriously in the fight against the new crown pneumonia, and many countries, including China, are pushing the therapy.

On September 29, Zaiyuan pharmaceutical company released the early results of clinical trials of the treatment, Xinhua reported. The results showed that this treatment reduced the viral load and shortened the time taken for non hospitalized patients with new crown to relieve symptoms. For patients who did not produce effective immune response to new coronavirus, the effect of this therapy was the most obvious.

President and chief scientific officer, Zaiyuan pharmaceutical company GeorgeD.Yancopoulos We are very pleased to see that the antibody cocktail therapy regn-cov2 rapidly reduces viral load and related symptoms in patients with covid-19, and that patients who do not produce an effective immune response themselves benefit most, Dr. This natural immune response can be an alternative to recogn-v2. We are encouraged by these initial data, and we have begun to discuss our findings with regulators while continuing our ongoing clinical trials. In addition to the positive implications for clinical trials of regn-cov2 and other antibody treatments, these data also support the prospect of vaccines targeting the spike protein of new coronavirus

With its leading performance in the field of neutralization antibody, the share price of Zaiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has risen greatly this year, with the largest increase of more than 80%.

In China, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment was introduced into the new crown pneumonia severe and severe cases. It first appeared in the new pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan of the new coronavirus infection (trial version fifth) released by the national health and Health Committee in February 8th. Subsequently, Wuhan Jiangxia District First Peoples Hospital and Wuhan Jinyintan hospital carried out relevant clinical treatment randomly, and showed some preliminary effects.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is expected to become a specific drug for treating new crown pneumonia. Considering the development time, R & D success rate, drug specificity and safety, the hope is that the vaccine prevention and combination of antibody therapy will be the end of the new crown disease.

Among domestic enterprises, js016, brii-196 and brii-198, mw33 of Maiwei biology and scta01 of Shenzhou cell, which are jointly developed by Junshi biology and Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have entered the clinical trial stage. Junshi is in the leading position.

The candidate drug was favored by Lilly, and the two sides reached an agreement on May 4 this year, in which Lilly bought out the clinical development and commercialization rights and interests of js016 outside the Greater China region at a price of up to 255 million US dollars.

However, compared with regenerant pharmaceutical company, the stock price performance of Junshi bio-u after listing was ordinary.

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