Kenzo Takada, founder of Kenzo, a famous Japanese designer, died of his new crown

 Kenzo Takada, founder of Kenzo, a famous Japanese designer, died of his new crown

Whenever the fashion industry mentions the model of exotic customs and cultural integration, Kenzo is always indispensable. Founded in 1970, the brand has broken the original regional design boundaries due to its unique design style of blending East and West. At that time, there was a great stir in the fashion circle. The appearance of Kenzo has important fashion significance, and its influence continues to this day.

In 1939, Kenzo takada was born in a middle-class family in Jilu, hyogochi District, southern Japan. When he was young, he came to Tokyo alone and studied in a fashion school in Japan at that time. In Japan at that time, there were few men engaged in sewing, and Kenzo takada was the only male student in the fashion school.

In 1960, Kenzo takada won the Japanese Fashion Design Award.

In 1970, Kenzo takada founded his first store in galerievivienne, near Notre Dame in Paris, and named it Kenzo. In August of the same year, Kenzo takada held his first small fashion show in the alley near his store. Although there were only 20 visitors, it attracted the editor in chief of Elle to watch and enjoyed it. So Kenzo was put on the cover of Elle in November. Since then, Kenzo has stepped into the eyes of the world.

In 1971, Kenzo entered the U.S. market. Due to the prevailing anti-traditional cultural concepts and values, Kenzo with distinctive personality immediately caused a sensation in the United States and was quickly accepted by American consumers who were keen on new things. Kenzo takada expressed his creative ideas with the voice from Asia. His outstanding talent made him win the reputation of Asias first designer, and Kenzo developed at an amazing speed. Paris, Milan and Tokyo have become the stage for him to display his talent and elaborate creation.

Tiger head shirt and tiger head shoes are highly recognizable items of Kenzo, which once ignited the hot spots in fashion circle.

KENZOs first perfume is also worthy of attention. This perfume is called FLOWERBYKENZO, and Hsu Chi has been a spokesperson for several years.

Kenzo was acquired by LVMH group in 1993, and Kenzo takada retired in 1999.

After his retirement, he still did not leave the fashion circle and launched a series of cross-border cooperation on lifestyle products. At the beginning of this year, 81 year old Kenzo takada launched his brand new home brand K-3, which covers furniture, utensils, screens, carpets, decorations and textiles. Most of his works are marked with kintsugi (an ancient Japanese traditional technique for repairing broken objects with gold), and combines traditional crafts with geometric patterns full of tension Woven together. Im almost 81 years old and still working, he said with a smile in the interview. Im weird myself. But I stopped working too early and left Kenzo at 60. Then I realized that I had missed my job, so I went back to work

Although Kenzo takada left us, his design is still far-reaching. What are the most valuable bags to invest in this year? After reading this article, we know that Hu Sheguang: national sentiment is the thing in the bone. Who won the Star Contest of the double Festival Party of Lijin re Bajiang? Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi_ NQ4682

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