Hua Chunying: I sincerely hope that all patients in the United States will receive the same first-class treatment as the president

 Hua Chunying: I sincerely hope that all patients in the United States will receive the same first-class treatment as the president

Twitter screenshot

Trump did get a fairly high standard of treatment after he was admitted to the hospital. Several US media, including the New York Post, pointed out that trump should have been sent to ward 71, the VIP room of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which is directly controlled by the White House.

On October 3, White House doctor Sean Conley held an icphoto with the presidents medical team

The cost of Trumps medication is also high. According to White House doctor Conleys memorandum, trump will use the experimental drug antibody mixture for treatment, with a large dose of 8 grams. Jon Cohen, a science writer, points out that the cost and price of the antibody mixture in this dose are very high.

In addition, trump will take redcivir, along with vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, aspirin and famotidine.

But at the same time, the situation of the American people in the epidemic situation is still difficult. US mainstream media USA Today pointed out on the 4th that 906 new crown patients died in the United States on Friday (2nd).

Moreover, on October 2, the number of new coronavirus positive people in the United States reached 54441, the highest since August 14.

Single day novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in the United States, data source: Johns Hopkins University

USA Today specially reminds American people that it is not only senior officials in the White House who are fighting against the new coronavirus. The New York Times also said on the same day that the United States is still in the painful period of this epidemic, and the number of new coronavirus infections has been slowly climbing since September.

However, the severe epidemic situation can not prevent trump from boasting about his anti epidemic achievements. Even if he was admitted to the ward, trump did not forget to say that great progress has been made in the fight against the epidemic.

Today, the death toll of new crown patients in the United States is close to 210000, and it is still the country with the most serious epidemic situation in the world. The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing was 7383356 cases in October 4th and 209399 cases died in the United States, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, at 20:23 p.m. on the day of 20:23 p.m.

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White House doctors respond to trumps infection, US media disclose more details (source: ~)

Rare! US media revealed that the White House is extremely unusual. Is trump seriously ill?

On Friday night, novel coronavirus pneumonia was first diagnosed and diagnosed after being admitted to hospital on Friday night. He said, I think everything is OK! Thank you and love you all

Trump made his first appearance after infecting his new crown. Picture source and media

According to a person familiar with Trumps recent situation, he was also said to have been shocked after he announced his test was positive earlier on Friday, and he became more and more alert to his diagnosis due to symptoms such as fever at night.

One of Trumps advisers said Trumps health was very serious and had developed symptoms of fatigue and dyspnea.

According to people familiar with the matter, White House officials have expressed serious concerns about Trumps health, and a senior administration official told CNN that trump is OK at the moment, but we are worried that things will change quickly. According to the president, there are more serious news than the first lady.

Later in the day, White House doctor Sean Conley wrote in a memo on Trumps condition that he was exhausted.. CNN learned from another source that trump had a fever most of the day.

Trump used regenerons experimental new coronavirus antibody cocktail therapy and daily zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin, Conley said.

The White House, on the other hand, is trying to show a business as usual attitude.

White House chief of staff mark meadows stressed that there was no reason for the public to worry about Trumps illness. According to the official, Trumps condition has not deteriorated, not only in good spirits, but also energetic, and remains committed to working very hard for the American people..

Late in the night of the 2nd local time, White House press secretary McNally also updated a statement of Dr. Conley on Trumps condition, saying that trump is in good condition and does not need any oxygen supplement therapy and is resting comfortably.

Dr. trump confirmed: he was 74 years old, which increased the incidence and even died

So far, Trumps 74 year old age and the reaction of his immune system may have a strong impact on his condition. According to the Washington Post, nearly 80% of new crown deaths occur in people aged 65 and above, and older men are more likely to die than older women.

At the same time, people with potential health problems also tend to have poorer outcomes. Trump weighed 244 pounds and was 6 feet 3 inches tall, slightly obese, according to the presidential physical examination released by the White House in June. He took some drugs for high cholesterol, and his blood pressure went up.

Graham Snyder, director of infection prevention and hospital epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, said people in Trumps age group were five times more likely to be hospitalized than those aged 18 to 29, and the risk of death was higher. Age is the biggest key factor, Snyder said His youth increases his risk of disease, even death.

A peaceful and orderly transfer of power is an important part of the American democratic system. Of course, the threat to the lives of candidates will, to some extent, have a very negative impact on the process.

If trump had an accident before the end of the election, the Republican National Committee (RNC) would have nominated a new Republican candidate. But if the RNC fails to reach a consensus on the candidate, its internal political struggle may become extremely fierce.

If there is an accident after winning the general election, according to the constitution of the United States, vice president burns becomes president. If there is an accident with burns, it will be Trumps arch rival, speaker of the house of Representatives and Democrat Pelosi.

The most troublesome thing is that in the process of counting votes in Congress, if there is an accident in a candidate, it depends on whether the Congress accepts the vote results or not. If it is recognized, then the vice president elect will still succeed. If it is not recognized and does not have a majority, the house of representatives must elect the president from among the three candidates who have the most votes.

Next, Trumps and Bidens campaign plans are likely to change.

The trump team may play up ethnic conflicts, turn peoples anxiety about violence and crime into votes, and try to avoid the topic of epidemic prevention and control. Bidens team, on the other hand, will highlight his advantages in controlling the epidemic and easing ethnic conflicts, and will continue to make contributions to trumps failed epidemic prevention policy.

In any case, the influence of October surprise will always exist. It is unknown whether there will be surprise next.

According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Trump, who had previously confirmed the new crown pneumonia, received an experimental antibody therapy on October 2nd.

US media: trump has received experimental antibody therapy

Source: the New York Times

According to the White House statement, trump has cough, low fever and other mild symptoms, but the overall mental state is good. He will receive treatment at Walter Reed military hospital and continue to perform his duties in accordance with professional advice.

According to White House president doctor Sean Conley, Trumps treatment mainly uses a mixture of antibodies developed by regeneron, along with vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, aspirin and famotidine.

Although the antibody mixture is not urgently authorized by the food and Drug Administration (FDA), some previous experimental results have shown that the treatment can reduce virus levels and shorten hospital stay in patients with early infection, such as trump, according to the New York Times.

Since trump announced the diagnosis, White House medical staff have contacted the company to apply for the experimental therapy for trump, according to the CEOs statement on the 2nd. In 2018, trump himself signed a medical related bill called right to trylaw, which allows patients and therapists the right to apply for trial use of therapies in the experimental stage without FDA certification.

As for the treatment that trump received, the New York Times believes that although there is no certified treatment for the new coronavirus, the regenerants treatment is the most promising of several current options. This therapy, together with another antibody therapy developed by Lilly, is currently considered to be the more successful of many treatment schemes and has been used in the treatment of infected people in many places in the United States.

Author: Liang Youzhi

US Congressmen yell: China passes the virus to us, and the president has to make them responsible

The Republican Senator took the lead in making the worst statement about President Trumps new coronavirus test positive.

Tweet screenshot of lofler

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released by the US President Trump and her husband, Kelly loveler, in Georgia on Friday, when she released an innocent speech on social media in an attempt to take the opportunity to attack China. Even her remarks made some American media unable to see it.

Remember, China infected our president and first lady, and we have to hold them responsible, Loffler tweeted on overseas social media.

Screenshot of CNN report

As for lovelers speech, CNN said that what ruffler wanted to do was very obvious. She wanted to prove her tough stance on China to potential voters by accusing China of not stopping the virus and turning president Trumps diagnosis into a political issue. CNN said that at the same time, there was a conspiracy theory in her statement - did China infect president trump? -- and she knew that the conspiracy theory would find supporters among some of the most pro trump voters.

The problem, CNN said, is that lofler knew he wasnt telling the truth. It is not clear how trump got infected, only that he had close contact with his senior aide, hope Hicks, who was tested positive earlier on Thursday.

Loffler was provisionally appointed to the Senate in November last year to fill the position of Senator Johnny Isaacson, who retired on health issues. In the past nearly a year, Lofflers work has been controversial, and she will run for a new round of election on November 3. There is no doubt that Lofflers speech has a lot to do with the upcoming election.

CNN said Lofflers tweeting was very irresponsible. In the absence of evidence at all, it is not the right thing for us to suggest that China has made trump and the first lady ill - not to mention loveler, the current U.S. senator.

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