See also violent enforcement of anti racial discrimination protests in Portland, USA

 See also violent enforcement of anti racial discrimination protests in Portland, USA

African American man shot dead by police with 16 guns in his body

On August 31 this year, a 29 year old African American man was shot and killed by Los Angeles police. On August 2, the coroner of the Los Angeles County forensic Department released the official autopsy report of the man. The report showed that multiple gunshot wounds were the cause of the death of the African American man, and he was shot 16 times by the police.

According to the autopsy report, the 29 year old African American man, named Dijon, was shot 16 times, including four fatal injuries in Dijons heart, lung, liver and left kidney. The way of death is homicide. In addition to the gunshot wounds, Dijons face and other parts also had extensive abrasions, the autopsy report said.

According to a number of US media reports, on August 31 this year, 29 year old African American man Dijon was stopped by two police officers for violating traffic regulations on his bicycle. Dijon then abandoned his car and fled.

According to the police, during the escape, a pistol fell from Dijon, who bent down to pick up the gun and was shot by the police. But Dijon family lawyers said Dijon was not armed at the time and did not pose a threat to police when shot. This incident at that time also caused public protest.

An African American pregnant woman in Kansas City was brutally treated by police, and public opinion demanded that the police involved be dismissed

Last week, in Kansas City, western Missouri, a pregnant African woman was brutally treated by police. The relevant video was released on the 2nd local time, and public opinion strongly demanded that the police involved be dismissed and the director of the local police station be dismissed.

The incident happened on the night of September 30, local time. In the picture, the African American woman who was pressed by the police with her knee against her back was a pregnant woman. In this video, you can clearly hear a lot of people shouting at the police, stop! Shes pregnant, but the police continued to arrest and warn onlookers.

Kansas City local police: back off or youll be in jail! back off! back off!

At the time of the incident, the pregnant womans lawyer and the police have their own opinions.

The lawyer said his client, the African American woman arrested, was taking part in a balloon launch at the intersection of a business district in eastern Kansas City in memory of the victim of a homicide. At this time, a policeman bumped into her, she complained a few words, was pressed to the ground by the police, arrested.

The Kansas City police said: that night, the police received a report from a business in the business district of the incident, saying that there was a fight. When the police tried to arrest a man involved, they were stopped by this African American woman and another man. When the police tried to arrest the woman who obstructed the law enforcement action, she resisted, and then she was pinned to the ground. Police stressed that the police who took the action at that time have made great efforts to avoid pressing the womans back.

At present, Kansas City police have not responded to the call of expelling the police involved and dismissing the police chief.

A U.S. civil rights leader pointed out that there was no evidence that the African American pregnant woman resisted arrest at that time. This is another case of police violence against African Americans in Kansas City.

It is understood that the pregnant woman, who was brutally treated by the police, has been discharged from the hospital, and the examination shows that she is not in any serious condition.

Anti racial discrimination protest continues in Portland, USA

From the evening of the 2nd to the early morning of the 3rd, people in Portland, Oregon, continued to hold protests against racial discrimination and violent law enforcement by the police. According to local media reports, there were also clashes at the scene.

In Portland on the evening of the 2nd, the protestors gathered in a local park, and then began to march along the street, calling for reform of the law enforcement system.

The protest continued into the night. A video posted to social networks shows a traffic police officer at the scene of the protest arguing with the protestors. After that, the traffic police sped out of the scene by motorcycle.

Witnesses at the scene said a protester was pushed about six meters away by a motorcycle. Police said in a statement on the 3rd that the knocked down protestors had been sent to medical treatment, but were charged with various charges including obstruction of law enforcement. In addition, three other protestors were arrested.